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Canada, dry

Meanwhile, the Linzes hold their cab and go into the underground tunnels. They, unfortunately, run right past the tucked-away clue. Boo! That's no way to vanquish the chosen team of God!

At 5:25 PM, the Bransens land in Montreal at last. Great advantage, that direct flight.

Ted promises the Weavers that he's going the right way, but when he pulls up to what he believes to be the rink, he also tells them, "Don't cheer yet." Heh. I admire a driver who knows his own limitations. When the Weavers get to what Ted thinks is the right building, Mama finds that the doors are chained. Maybe they knew she was coming. Even a Canadian skating rink has to have instincts for self-preservation that would kick in at some point.

Having missed the clue, now the Linzes are really confused, and they're running back above ground again. They wind up back where they started, more confused than ever, scratching their heads. Bafflement does not flatter the thick of neck.

Back from commercials, the Linzes make another run down the corridor, and this time, they spot the clue box and the Detour clue. They conclude that they'll take the curling. "It can't be that hard," someone says, making every effort to curse the team entirely. Back outside, however, they learn that their cab driver doesn't know where the rink is. Apparently, they have gotten the anti-Ted as their driver. That's what you get for being heathens, I suppose.

At the airport, the Bransens find themselves a taxi and head for the train station. They hope they aren't too far behind.

Ted makes a call on his cell phone to find out where the arena is, and we are provided with a nice shot of the cross he's wearing, just so you know that he is also part of Team God. He learns that the arena is on the other campus of the university, so that's not good news. But now they know where they're going, so they go.

The Linzes find a lady who says she knows where the rink is, and she leans in the window to explain it to the cab driver. As they leave, Nick and Tommy agree that the campus is packed with "sexy babies." Ew. I don't even know what that means, but it seems deeply wrong. Even the not-that-wrong explanation is deeply wrong.

In the Weaver car, Ted is giving them curling tips. Shut it, Ted. And now, Ted has brought them to the right place, so they get out of the cab. Inside, they put on their helmets and head out onto the ice. Mama prays for curling assistance, which God is undoubtedly happy to provide in return for the kindness and Christian charity with which they have treated other teams throughout the race. Rebecca takes her first shot, and while it doesn't reach the target, it goes far enough that it has to be left where it is.

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