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The Linzes pull into the airport and go inside. They wind up staying with the flight they already have, as do the Weavers once they arrive. Thus, all the teams are on their way to Minneapolis, with the Bransens holding tickets for a direct flight from Minneapolis to Montreal and the other two teams still set to connect in Toronto. In Minneapolis, the Bransens go to check on their flight to Montreal, trying not to be seen by the other teams. "We're pretty confident this is the earliest flight into Montreal," Beth says, following in the overconfident footsteps of many teams that have gone before. After we check in with the Linzes, who are unsure what the Bransens are doing since they've vanished, we watch the Bransens take off. I don't really understand why the Bransens are going to only be ten minutes ahead if they're flying direct and the other teams haven't left yet, unless their plane is going to cruise around for a while dropping people off with parachutes in a variety of locations before finally stopping.

Meanwhile, Nick gets on the phone and finds out that once they get from Minneapolis to Toronto, there will be a flight from Toronto to Montreal that gets in an hour ahead of what they have scheduled right now -- meaning it's about 50 minutes ahead of the Bransens. They get reservations, but they explain that they'll have to pay for the tickets in Toronto. Elsewhere, the Weavers investigate other ways to Toronto, but they, too, find that for this part, there's nothing better. The Linzes and Weavers take off.

Soon, we are in Toronto, where the Weavers and Linzes are running through the airport for the ticket counter where the Linzes are on the trail of the earlier flight to Montreal and the Weavers are, it appears, simply following them. As Alex and Rolly approach the same ticket counter at a run, they manage to smack into each other, which knocks Alex down. It does look to me like Alex had the edge and the collision was the result of Rolly trying to cut him off, but it was a fairly legitimate collision, I think. Once he's up, Alex pats Rolly on the back (he does; that's what it is, despite the fact that it's done in irritation), causing Mama to yell out in the airport, "No! Don't touch him!" Rarely has one lady needed to cram it quite so badly. Worse yet, she then talks to the kids, rewriting history by smirking rather proudly that she made that remark because Alex tried to push Rolly out of the way. It's just such exhausting bullshit. Mama's need to do the immediate postmortem to reinterpret what happened only makes it more obvious that she's rather desperate to impress her children with her feats of unpleasantness toward others. I don't think I've ever seen a mother brag to her kids about the way she stuck up for them before. It's something seventh-grade girls do to cement their bonds to each other: "He made a face at you, so I told him he'd better quit it." Elsewhere, Alex comments, "He's lucky I didn't break his arm." Which is probably true. My favorite part is when Alex says, "Well, it felt like he grabbed my bookbag and swung me." Bookbag! Hee hee. Alex may be from Cincinnati, but mostly, he's a native Megan says of the Weavers, "They're rude and obnoxious and it's getting personal. Wasn't before, but it is now." Oh, I'd say it's been personal for a while.

Back from commercials, we are still in Toronto, reliving the collision. And now, with Alex's perspective, despite the imperfect shot the camera guys managed to get after being left behind by Alex and Rolly, it does look a little like Rolly grabbed Alex's pack and that's what made him fall. At any rate, Mama steps out of the line they're waiting in and approaches an airport employee about getting a ticket for the earlier flight out of Toronto. The airport employee, because she doesn't know Mama Weaver, takes the Weavers back to an office to deal with their ticket. Boo, helpful airport employees! The Linzes, still in line, note this development with a notable lack of enthusiasm. The Weavers get on the 3:00 PM flight to Montreal, rather than the 4:00 flight on which the teams were previously scheduled. Although the Weavers hope there are no more seats on that earlier flight, the Linzes do in fact get seats on the same flight. So now, as the non-Amazing Yellow Lines indicate, all teams are on the way to Montreal. I still don't get how the Bransens didn't wind up substantially ahead if their flight was direct, but I assume there were some timeline shenanigans related to editing and they actually left Minneapolis substantially after the Linzes and Bransens. For whatever reason, though, the Linzes and Weavers are scheduled to land in Montreal at 4:10 PM; the Bransens are scheduled to land at 5:00 PM. Since we've all been distracted by physical violence since he originally told us, Phil reminds us of the bit about the train station and underground tunnels they'll be looking for when they get to Montreal.

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