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And here come the Bransens. The teams exchange big hugs. They are welcomed by Phil as the second-place winners. Now with everyone anyone gives a crap about standing on the mat together, Phil brings the Linzes over and he asks them about their first-place finish. "This is all for Mom and Dad and everybody back home," one of them says. Tommy declares himself "speechless," which: unusual. Megan says she's done running and will never run again. Heh. She interviews that it was hard to keep up throughout, but she "ran with the boys." Phil asks them about the Bransens, noting how Wally kept up. We cut to Carissa for the world's most adorable shout of "Go, Wally!" Nick pays tribute to the Bransens, in his way, saying how remarkable it is that a team of three men and a woman would be worried over three women and a man. (Feminist crickets chirping.)

Nick talks to Wally about how awesome his daughters are, and Wally starts to agree and gets to crying. Everyone loves Wally, rather transparently. He interviews that it was a great thing to have time with the girls as adults, which is always one of the nice things about parent-child teams. The Tonyas talk about how their dad is their "comfort," and how he was always there for them. "We love him to death," Beth says simply. The Tonyas have a hug. Wally also takes a moment to compliment the Linzes as a testament to their parents, which is really cool. He says that, in fact, he was proud of them as a parent.

And here come the Weavers, who receive polite applause, since now everyone knows they didn't win. Phil asks Mama about her pride in her family, and she says she's "so proud." Mama credits the kids for the victory. Rebecca immediately references losing their dad, which feels a little...clunky, somehow, like she knows that's their hook and needs to bring it up as soon as possible. In an interview, she praises her mother, saying that now, they know they can handle things without their dad. It occurs to me that they wouldn't have to rely on their mother for absolutely everything if she would socialize them so that they can have friends rather than alienating everyone everywhere they go.

There is hugging on the mat. Nick talks about all the friends they made on the race, and Alex gets big hug from Carissa. Best prize! A pink hugs a Tonya. Everyone claps as we fade out.

And then there is a final "Who Dey" from the Linzes, topped off with Tommy crowing one last time about the victory. They're certainly not my favorite winners ever, and it does qualify as another victory for boys with big arms. But they had a lot of fun, and they definitely got better at dealing with each other, particularly where Megan was concerned. It's not a bad ending, especially compared to the possibility that the Weavers could have won.

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