Amazing Race
25 Days, 50 Cities, And More Than 600 Consecutive Hours As A Family…

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Canada, dry

Weavers, quickly and blessedly approaching irrelevance. They near the boat ramp.

The Linzes hop off their boat and hit the clue box. And it's the concluding Roadblock. In this task, the person has to use 71 jigsaw puzzle pieces to finish a giant map of Central and North America. In other words, "What have you learned?" With the reading of that clue, you can see that the Weavers are now totally irrelevant even if they show up, what with the efforts they would no doubt make to put Louisiana near the Great Lakes and stick Georgia over in the Pacific Ocean. After the Roadblock, the next step is simply to make your way to the finish line. The Linzes run to the Roadblock with the Bransens close behind. Nick is on the Roadblock for the Linzes. Wally is on it for the Bransens.

And they're off, and here we go. Nick starts with Alaska. Wally starts elsewhere. Nick uses the stepladder provided to get up to the top of the puzzle, leading his team to call out, "Come on, shorty." I will say this, having met the Linzes: shorter than I thought. Most people are taller, but the Linzes are shorter. Am I distracting you from the tense, suspenseful finale? Okay. Anyway, Wally works. Nick works. "This is so nerve-wracking," Tommy notes. I agree. Wally and Nick really are keeping it pretty close.

The Weavers are on their boat. Who cares? They get their clue. I forget all about them.

The Tonyas fret over Wally. Nick chants to himself, "South Carolina, where are you?" I would note that the only state they bother to caption in yellow is Minnesota, which I am taking as a shout-out. Wally fills in Central America. Nick fills in Tennessee. Nick can't find Ohio, despite living there. It's getting close to the end. "I can smell the million dollars," Megan says, grinning and dancing. Nick has some little states left, and he works to fill them in. The Linzes start to gather their bags. Nick goes to smack the last piece into place, and he manages to knock out another. Yikes! He puts it back. "Don't pound anymore," Megan recommends. They grab their stuff and start to go. Nick spots one last little piece just as he grabs his bag, so he smacks it into place as he runs, and the Linzes take off for the finish line.

Wally finishes the puzzle, and the Bransens run off as well.

And here, toward the mat, come the Linzes. The Bransens jog along, holding hands, undoubtedly knowing they won't catch the Linzes. The Linzes run. "Dad, you did awesome, I'm so proud of you," says one of the Tonyas. Aw. Good for her. Phil waits on the mat. The Linzes jump onto the platform. They all hug. Everyone cheers for them. Phil declares them the official winners. As Megan cries, Alex reaches over and kisses her on the forehead, which is very sweet.

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