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The Bransens continue checking feet. "We're getting screwed," Wally frets. Shoes are really frustrating, I agree.


We return to the shoeseum, where the Bransens are still checking feet. They finally find the woman who fits the shoes, and they receive their clue to drive to Queenston. They get in the car and head out. Elsewhere, the Linzes think they're in the lead and think they know where they're going. Back at the ship, Rolly (surprise!) gets his helmet and harness, and he climbs up for the flag. He drops the flag rather than bringing it down, but they're able to retrieve it, which is how you know God actually takes no hand in this sort of thing, so they get their clue for Queenston. They have to stop and ask for directions, and then they hop in the car. "We've got to catch up to them," Rolly insists.

In the Linz car, Tommy comments blankly, "We just made a complete circle around the United States." "Around freakin' North America," Alex says. It's interesting to think about whether this is meant to mean "the whole United States" or "nothing but the United States." I leave it to your judgment, but if I had watched previous races go to India and Bangkok, I'm not sure I'd be like, "I can't believe we saw that many cows. That was awesome." One of the Tonyas says she hopes the Weavers won't win. "That would just...not be okay," she says. Hee. My sentiments exactly. Another one adds, "The mom's a wacko. She really is." Mama Weaver, meanwhile, almost but not quite takes the wrong road. They're teasing you now, in case you haven't noticed. The Linzes get directions to the boat ramp, and then the Bransens come along and ask the same guy. What I love is that he says, "I already told your friends." Heh. Poor guy, just trying to go on his run, and all these out-of-town freaks with cameras are demanding directions. I wonder if he had to sign two releases. The Bransens head down the hill toward the boat ramp.

The Linzes reach the boat ramp and run toward their boat. They pick a boat and hop in. The Bransens are close behind. The Linzes are truly excited as their boat takes off. The Bransens are just behind. The Linzes approach some rough water, and they wind up getting totally drenched, and laugh delightedly. The Bransens follow and do the same. It really is nice to see some teams that are just having a hell of a good time, particularly since this particular race hasn't been long on unmitigated happiness for anyone, including the viewers at home. The Linzes' boat then spins all the way around as they approach the buoy. The clue they pull tells them to have their boat driver take them to their final destination city, which is Lewiston, New York. The Linz "Who Dey" cheer follows. The Bransens get their clue next. The two lead teams pass each other and exchange waves.

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