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At the airport, the Weavers go inside and sign in for the 5:55 AM. She asks when the other flights are, and she learns that she is last. I can't imagine she isn't also a little relieved to find that there's practically no distinction between the three flights, though. They have a seat and wait. The Linzes and Bransens arrive at the airport and sign in for their charters as well. We watch as the charters take off, one after the other. The Bransens are happy to be in it. The Linzes are pumped. The Weavers will do their best, and Mama thinks they're "the team to beat."

Toronto! It turns out this is the "mystery destination." It's really not that mysterious. Almost everyone knows Toronto is there. The Bransens land and run for the vehicles where their clue is located. The clue tells them to go to the CN Tower, where they'll take an elevator to the top observation deck and use binoculars to look out at the city and locate their next clue. The Linzes and Weavers follow the Bransens in getting the clue. The Weavers get out first, so the Linzes are in last place leaving the airport. The Weavers duck into a gas station to ask directions and try to get a map. Mama gets directions to the CN Tower, and then she asks for a free map, insisting that "when you give, it will be given back." I hope that means "I'll send you some money for the map after I get home." The guy gives them the map, of course, because that's the kind of lucky they are.

The Bransens are the first ones to arrive at the tower. They hop in the elevator and head up. The Linzes then arrive at the tower and follow, so the Weavers have fallen to last while hunting for directions. At the top of the tower, the Bransens note that with the vast expanse of Toronto they're looking at, it's not going to be easy to spot a single flag or whatever it is they might be looking for. As they're looking, the Linzes show up and start looking as well. One of the Tonyas hassles Wally for leaving the binoculars sweaty. He certainly does have difficulty doing anything right. The Weavers finally arrive, and on the way up in the elevator, Rolly questions the elevator guy about how he likes his job. "It has its ups and downs," Elevator Guy says. Sigh. Oh, Elevator Guy. My favorite part is the incredibly lame moment where Rolly adds, "Literally," like Elevator Guy has never thought of that before. Way to not get the joke, Sheltered McClueproof.

Wally is looking and Alex is looking when the Weavers arrive. Everyone looks. And looks. And the first to see it is a Tonya. Followed by a Linz. So the Linzes and Bransens head down, leaving the Weavers up at the top of the tower. Mama calls this "really frustrating," and she seeks divine assistance, of course. (God: "Look. Through. The. Binoculars. ME.")

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