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25 Days, 50 Cities, And More Than 600 Consecutive Hours As A Family…

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The Weavers are tired. Rolly wants to go look in the top sections, but Rebecca, Rachel, and Mama just want to give up. The Linzes lie down to rest, while the Weavers rest despite not having a clue yet. The Bransens then find the 5:45 AM time. Wally teases the girls that they should keep looking, but they clearly aren't going to do that, especially since now, knowing the Linzes' time, they can guess the margins are all five minutes and the difference is negligible. In fact, I think you could have surmised that given the producers' fondness for close finishes, it was very unlikely that the charter times would be very far apart.

As the Weaverlings sit on the field and talk about the difficulty of hunting for the clue, Mama takes a nap one of several cots that it appears the show has provided so that the teams can sleep at the stadium. "This is the stupidest thing I've ever done in my life," Rachel complains. Meanwhile, the Bransens go to bed after saying goodnight to the Linzes. Rebecca, for her part, somewhat surprisingly announces that the Weavers aren't doing the task at all. "It's not like I've not accomplished anything, it's not like I'm less of a better person or anything, I just think that it's just stupid." ["Uh huh. You know that kid who responded to playground dares by sniffing that she 'just didn't feel like it right now'? …Yeah. Sack up, Jesus Girl. Nobody's buying your crap." -- Sars] We then cut to Rachel and Rolly sitting together, where she's trying to get him to agree to the quitting plan by saying, "Are you happy?" He stops rubbing his hair in frustration long enough to say, "Rachel, would you just be quiet?" Heh. I'm not sure he's happy, since he's the one who had to do all the Roadblocks and now the rest of them want to bail. Rebecca explains that because he's a man, Rolly doesn't understand that they're too tired to keep looking. Couldn't be for any other reason, like the fact that he's more determined than they are, or less whiny, or 14 years old. "We're not going to search through this again," Rebecca declares. Mama continues sleeping.


Back at the stadium, the Weavers are still making like quitters as the other teams sleep. Rolly wants to wake up Mama so they can search some more, but the girls insist that Mama is tired and needs to sleep instead of search. Once Mama wakes up, however, she takes the Weaverlings off for one more round of searching. We see them searching, and then we see Rolly find the last departure, at 5:55 AM. They congratulate each other and decide to head immediately to the airport while the other teams continue to sleep. Before long, the Bransens wake up and get a cab to the airport, and then the Linzes do the same.

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