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Realizing that this is apparently going to take a while, the Weavers decide to go and release their cab driver. They hop back on their golf cart and drive back outside. They track down Ted and decide to just pay him and let him go. Ted gives them a pep talk about remaining positive, because he really, really cares, and then he leaves. Back in the stadium, the Bransens and Linzes reach the same conclusion, that the drivers they have waiting outside need to be allowed to leave. Outside the stadium, the Weavers on their way back run into the Linzes on their way out. As the two pass, Rolly (it's Rolly, not a Linz brother as many initially thought) says, "I don't think Thunder Thighs [apparently a reference to one of his sisters] can scoot over any more." To which someone or other responds, "Rolly-Poly, shut it." Of course, once they've passed, the Weavers talk about how rude "Rolly-Poly" was, not accounting for the act of kindness that was "Thunder Thighs." The Linzes, on the other hand, stick with "Down with the Weavers," followed by the ever-popular "Good riddance to bad rubbish." Inside the stadium, the Weavers tell Rolly not to worry about it, although they call him "Louie" for reasons unknown to me. Out on the street, Megan comments on her desire to "punch [the Weavers] in the faces," and then they get their stuff and let their cab go. The Bransens do the same, and their cab driver says, "Good luck, eh?" Nice!

The Weavers are beginning to become discouraged by the task in front of them. Megan, meanwhile, wants to work with the Bransens, because her primary goal is for the Weavers not to win. "We're helping you take them down, honey," says (I think) Beth. Teams hunt in the stadium. Bransens split up. Linzes look for options. The Tonyas complain that Wally is failing to keep up with them. Wally: "Oh, shut up. I can't get enough of this. It's going to take all frickin' night. I'm going to kick somebody's ass." I think I'd enjoy the kind of leisurely ass-kicking Wally would deliver, at least as long as I was just an observer. The Linzes continue looking. The Bransens continue looking. Rachel gets up on Rolly's shoulders, apparently on the theory that they'll be able to see a lot of ground from up high, although I think that only works where the space is more open than what they're dealing with here.

I believe it's Beth who notes, "I'm going to have a smokin' ass after this night, stair-stepping all night long." Hey, it's the bright side, people. There are 56,000 seats. The Weavers decide to stop and sit down, although Rolly wants to keep looking. They can't decide whether to go and try to get into the section where the other teams are. And then, all of a sudden, the Linzes find a departure time. The time is 5:50 AM, which we know and they don't is the middle of the three departure times. The Linzes ultimately decide to just take the departure time they have and settle in for the night. I suspect their calculus was that if they kept looking and looking, the chance that they'd find a better time before another team took it wasn't big enough to justify the loss of sleep that would be required to keep looking. They tip off the Bransens to look on the backs of the chairs, because that's where this one turned up.

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