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The Linzes and Bransens are arriving at the stadium at close to the same time. The Linzes hop in their golf cart and head for the stadium. Megan asks someone if this is the "stand Olympic." "Stade Olympique," one of her brothers says. She runs into more people. "Stand Olympic?" she asks. "Stade," her brothers say in stereo. Hee. They drive in and head down a ramp. The Bransens hop in their golf cart and leave as well. Wally wishes it were the Lucerne instead. Heh. The Weavers, meanwhile, head down the stadium ramp they've already tried several times. Finally, they find an opening and drive up to the field, cheering the entire time. They hop out of their cart and run to the clue box.

The clue explains to the Weavers what might be described as the Most Diabolical Needle/Haystack Ever. Somewhere in this stadium with 56,000 seats are three -- just three -- departure times for three charter flights in the morning. Phil tells us that the times are 5:45 AM, 5:50 AM, and 5:55 AM, but of course, the teams don't know what the times are and don't know that it matters very little which one you get. The charters will take them to a "mystery destination." Meaning, of course, that we could be in for a Waffle-House-style meltdown. More dancing! I demand more asphalt dancing! As usual with this kind of situation, you don't have to take the first time you find, but once you take one, you can't switch.

Rachel takes the name of the Lord in vain while wondering where they're supposed to start to search a stadium of this size. She is immediately struck by lightning and reduced to a greasy ash pile.

The Bransens and Linzes screech playfully as they almost run into each other. But then they find their way down to the stadium, hop out, and run for the clue box. The Weavers see the other teams arriving, and Rebecca starts to complain about how the "G.I. Janes" (still...don't get it) and the Bransens will probably wind up leaving ahead of them. Linzes and Bransens open the clue as Mama complains that the situation is "unfair." I wish I could hear her explanation of how it can be classified as "unfair," because I predict that said explanation would be, in a word, awesome. The Linzes and Bransens choose not to spend their time complaining, but instead develop their plans of attack and get moving, trying to remember what sections they've already looked in. Wally says that a toe he mentioned hurting while they were entering the stadium earlier is really bothering him now, and he suspects it will be even worse tomorrow. But they continue looking.

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