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The Bransens grab their clue from the pavilion. Time to go look for Door J. Their driver knows where the address on Dickson is, so they leave.

Meanwhile, the Weavers arrive at the Olympic park. They hop on their golf cart and drive around looking for the door they can drive through to get down to the field. It really is a little diabolical, since anyone who has ever tried to navigate around a stadium knows that it is not easy, and the signage is undoubtedly not set up to help your average stadium-goer to get down onto the field.

Alex takes another shot at the trapeze business. On the ground, Megan notes that the guy catching Alex is substantially smaller than Alex, which seems to be a problem. Meanwhile, the Bransens arrive at Door J and show up at the trapeze, not at all to the Linzes' happiness. Alex prepares for another shot.


When we come back, Alex is getting ready to take the trapeze on again. This time, he finally succeeds. And I'll tell you a story Alex told me at the party -- when they were told how to do this, the instruction was just to hold their arms out, and not to try to grab with their hands, because the catcher would grab them. On the third try, Alex asked if he could try grabbing for the catcher's hands, and was told that he could, and he claimed that's why it worked. It's hard to see on the tape whether that's what happened or not, but that's Alex's version, anyway. Anyway, his team cheers as he finishes, and the Linzes say goodbye to the Bransens.

Weavers. They find themselves a map and look for a door, but it doesn't seem that they have much luck, so they keep driving. Also still driving are the Linzes (two miles!), who are approaching the Olympic park. They ask directions to the stadium.

Beth takes the trapeze Roadblock for the Bransens. She climbs the ladder, while on the ground, the Tonyas take some more shots at Wally. He's like, "Imagine if I had to do this," and they helpfully add that he would be horrible at it. "I know," one says, "Dad's flabby body flying through the air." Wow, gratuitous! Beth makes the transfer on the first try, it appears, so the Bransens can get on their way before Wally suffers any more abuse. They get back in their cab and take off.

In a moment of little meaning that still inspires great hilarity, the Weavers drive up to a closed set of double doors and decide they'll just see if they can push the doors open with their golf cart. So Rebecca -- apparently in charge of driving golf carts, too -- drives forward and bonks into the doors. So that's...a "no," then. Oh, physical comedy. Your cheapness does nothing to detract from your delightfulness.

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