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The Cold Equations
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Ninety-seven years ago there was a nuclear apocalypse that killed everybody on Earth and also mostly Earth. The only survivors were whoever was on space stations at that time, of which there were twelve from different countries, which hooked themselves up together to become one janky chimera of a space station, the Ark, that is sad just to look at, but also cool-looking. There were 400 of them, and now there are 4000.

Then this sort of peace-preaching scientist Jor-El type figured out that life support was not going to work out like they thought it was, and that they had just a matter of months. Which sucks because the prediction was that they'd need to wait at least 200 years total before they went back down. Because the margins are so small, all crimes are capital crimes -- if you're not a team player, why share the air with you? -- and so to keep him and his family from starting a panic with this info, he was killed.

His daughter Clarke was jailed up in solitary for the same reason. On the Ark, jail is just for kids, who have to wait until they're of age before they can be killed by the state. So she's just waiting around doing her art and waiting to die, basically. She is a good artist. She also -- thanks to her parents -- is very much in love with Earth, in a "next year in Jerusalem" kind of way, where no matter how shitty it is, it's a fantasy. Not just of escape, but also: Home.


It's a month before her death birthday, and that's when the cops come and put a scary needle-y bracelet on her arm and march her out of her cell. All over the Skybox all of the kids are getting strong-armed out of there, which scares her because in the back of everybody's mind is the idea that if things get tight, people will have to die. Somebody has to make that call, and airlock them, which is called getting "air locked." So, especially for somebody with maybe too mature an understanding of what is really at stake, this kind of armed escort means they're going to be killing some kids today.

Cops: "Prisoner 319, take off your watch so we can put this scary thing on your arm!"
Clarke: "No! I am going to beat everybody up!"

She almost does but then they get her. Outside, she is joined by her mom Abby Griffin, who calms her down not so well.

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