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by Angel Cohn September 9, 2010
Fall Pilot Season: Terriers

To be up front about things, I'm not a huge fan of shows about private investigators unless they are vampires (Angel) or perky blondes with adorable and well-meaning cop dads (Veronica Mars), and I really am not a particular fan of cop show unless they are really well done or a little violent (Southland, The Shield, early episodes of NYPD Blue). So I was skeptical about this FX show, but it won me over, even more so on a second viewing. It's got the darkly comedic undertone and a lot of similar qualities to Veronica Mars (there are a lot of class wars, a disgraced detective, a noirish vibe, fast and furious banter, it takes place in Southern California and there is a really cute dog) and to top it all off, it is produced by Shawn Ryan, who made The Shield. I actually warmed up to this show, thanks to the seemingly dopey, but quite smart Donal Logue and his investigative partner Michael Raymond-James (who is most recently known as the serial killer Rene from True Blood). They make a great, and easily watchable team, which bodes well for this show becoming the latest quality series in FX's stable. Now, on with the detailed recap of the pilot.

We open on a shot of Donal Logue flipping through a catalog and asking his sleepy friend to loan him a thousand bucks so that he can buy some new towels. Suffice it to say that neither of the gents look like they can afford thousand dollar bath towels of any kind. They look like collectively they might have spent a thousand bucks on their wardrobes and the truck that they are sitting in, but this "loan me money for a preposterous item" seems to be some sort of in joke with the two of them. Hank (Logue) is striving to be a dryer person in general, which I applaud. He also had a strange evening the night before, which finally rouses Britt (Michael Raymond-James) from his slumber. Though he's disappointed to find out that Hank simply woke up, went to the fridge and found an empty milk carton. Clearly, he was expecting more. Thankfully, Hank's phone alarm rings before he can go into a downward spiral about his potential senility concerns.

Their mark has arrived, and Hank is upset to discover that the man in question is not what you'd call small. Instead, he's built like a ton of bricks. Hank wants to know how much they are getting paid for this job. Britt shrugs him off. As they step out of the junky truck, we see a hand-written looking sign that says Gomez Bros Pool Service. It is highly professional looking. Hank's moved on from his concern about the beefy guy whose pool they are cleaning (?) and now wants Britt's help in identifying the song that he has stuck in his head. Britt doesn't want him to start humming because then he'll have the tune in his head too. Hank proceeds anyway and starts bum-bumming the "why do birds suddenly appear" part of the "Close to You" song by the Carpenters... which I now have stuck in my head. Thanks, Hank.

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