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The Lost Art of Letter-Writing
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Hey! Probst actually gave Sandra credit for a "brilliant move" against Li'l Russell in the previouslys! I'm shocked. Anyway, the Villains return to camp on Night 21, and Sandra interviews that she engineered Douche's downfall and he's probably wondering what went wrong right now. Yeah, and eating a cheeseburger, so I think we'll call it even. Jerri also has no idea what happened and is incredibly paranoid, asking Danielle if she's next to go. Danielle promises that she isn't and that she will never write her name down. We'll see. Jerri says that with her "one true ally", Douche, gone, she has no choice but to stick with Li'l Russell, Danielle, and Parvati. Who just voted her one true ally out, so, nice logic there, Jerri. Jerri then talks to Li'l Russell, who tries to pretend he had no idea Douche was going home, then admits that he "had a feeling" but didn't vote for him. He tells Jerri that she won't be the next to go, then interviews that as the only man left in his tribe, he's in a great position. He promises us that Sandra and Courtney will be the next to go. And we all know how much his promises are worth.

The next morning, the Villains wake up to a long-ass treemail. It's like three pages long! And it doesn't rhyme like usual. I wonder if J.T. wrote it? As we'll see later in the episode (SPOILER ALERT!) he loves writing long letters. Danielle summarizes that it's a reward challenge from Season 18 (of course) where tribe members will be competing in a painful endurance challenge against one member of the other tribe. They have to rank their five competing tribe members from strongest to weakest, and they'll be matched up against the contestants on the Heroes' list. Courtney's input consists of recalling when Douche competed in this challenge back on his first season and how he screamed and cried when he lost it. She follows that up with an awesome impression of him. Li'l Russell steps up and says he's the "strongest" person on the tribe but he's also the heaviest, which is a disadvantage for this particular type of challenge. Jerri suggests that he sit out and all five women play instead. "We have little feet. We're lighter," she says. Sandra agrees, saying that five women have the advantage over the Heroes in this endurance challenge. See? She's stepping up just like Douche wanted her to before she got him voted out. Now they have to figure out how to rank each other. Jerri says they should keep in mind how the Heroes will rank themselves, most likely sticking the three guys at the top because their huge egos can't handle anything else.

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