Skin of My Teeth

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Galang returns from voting out Laura B. and they all feel really good about what they just did. Yeah, because they don't have to put up with her annoying ass anymore! Vytas tells them that he really trusts them, and he thinks they should have a final five alliance, including Aras. Monica asks if Gervase will join Aras, and Vytas thinks he will. Based on what information? Vytas has never been on a tribe with either Aras or Gervase: how does he know what Aras is up to on the other tribe? And interesting that there's no mention of Tyson. Do they know that Tyson is going freelance? Anyway, they assume that they will have six people voting together post-merge, which they assume is happening very soon. Vytas interviews that his rap is that they're playing a moral and honest game, which isn't quite true. Didn't they just vote out Laura B. for pretty much no reason? How was that honest?

Tina suggests that Monica has taken more risks for the alliance than Gervase has, so Monica should move into the five spot, with Gervase in six. She says this right in front of Monica. I mean, Monica had to assume, right? Maybe she thought she would be ahead of Aras and Vytas because she's been with Tina all along? So she thought she would get final three with Tina and Katie? Monica thanks Tina for rewarding her loyalty, but then goes and interviews that she can't believe Tina said that, and post-merge, if someone comes to her with an offer better than five, she'll probably take it. I don't know who she thinks is going to give her an offer better than five. At this point, you need at least six people in a voting bloc to control who goes home, right? And if Monica flips to the other side, she'll be at the bottom of the totem pole.

Laura B. arrives at Redemption Island, pretty bitter. Laura M. and John agree with her that it would have been smarter to get rid of Vytas. Laura B. thinks that Vytas will just join up with Aras and take out all the girls. She may be right, but I'm surprised that no one has suspected that Tina has a final four alliance with Katie, Aras and Vytas. That's what I suspect anyway.

The next morning, John and the Lauras discover that today is the final truel. The winner will re-enter the game and the losers will go home for good. Each of them interviews that they have to win this challenge or they're going home. Yeah… that's what Laura B. just read from the clue. We got it. So, second place is okay then? NO! Second place is no good! Only the winner moves on. Weren't you listening?

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