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When they return to camp after blindsiding Aras, Vytas puts on this super fake chill bro tone as he congratulates everyone on getting rid of Aras, because it was great gameplay, even if he hates to see Aras go. I hope everyone can see how fake Vytas is being right now. Tyson agrees that he hated to see Aras go, but it was the best move. Aras reveals his true feelings in an interview where he says that "vengeance is going to be mine at some point." I'm guessing his only revenge might be withholding a jury vote.

Then it's Tina's turn to speak up. She uses that tone some women have where they act like they're really happy and jolly but you can tell they're actually really angry. She congratulates Tyson and Monica but says that there are now five jury votes they won't get. Five? Tina, Katie, Aras, Vytas, and who? Who does she think is still in her alliance? Gervase? Tyson counters that they pushed him out of their original alliance, or at least Aras did. Tina says that she didn't, and then points at Ciera and Laura and says that they were never in the alliance. Then everyone drops the bomb that Aras had made alliances with each of them, which is why they had to get rid of him. Tyson sums it up: Aras had promised all of them top three (presumably with him and Vytas), so he's the one that flipped. Tina backs down, chastened. Tyson interviews that the game has broken his heart twice, but now he's back in love with it. He knew Aras wasn't going to take him to the end, and that Tina would put Katie ahead of him, so this was absolutely the right move.

The next morning, some sad music plays as Tina takes Katie down to the beach alone. Tina says that she's got a big target on her back, and Katie needs to do whatever she can to disassociate herself from her mother and stay in the game. Tina gives her permission to do that, with no hard feelings. I wonder if it goes both ways; if Tina were given an opportunity to backstab Katie and stay, would she? They don't discuss it. Katie interviews that she doesn't know how to start selling herself without throwing her mom under the bus. I think her mom just gave her permission to be thrown under the bus. Wasn't that what that conversation was all about?

Time for a challenge already! Probst explains that this is an immunity challenge, and they'll be eating gross stuff, just like in the first ever season. Remember Gervase? In the first season, it was a team challenge that ended in a tie, so each tribe picked the other tribe's most squeamish member to compete. Gervase faced off against Stacey, and lost. Anyway, this time, they will be competing in two quarterfinals, and the top three from each go to the semifinals, and then the top two go to the finals.

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