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The Inevitable
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As usual, the finale opens with a season-long recap and either you watched it or, you know, this very site has recaps of each and every episode available! So I'm not going to recap the recap of what I already recapped, if that's cool.

Just to remind you where we are: Ciera is left alone, while Monica, Gervase and Tyson have stayed tight, although Monica has seemed a little bit open to making a move. Hayden, Tina and Laura are on Redemption Island and one of them will be returning to the game soon. All of them would probably join with Ciera, although Tina is the one most likely to flip and make a final three deal with Tyson and Gervase, in my opinion. And Tyson still has a Hidden Immunity Idol, although the next Tribal Council is the last time it could be played.

When they all return from voting Hayden out, Ciera immediately tells everyone that she loves them and Tyson compliments her play. Ciera interviews that she tried to flip Monica and it didn't work, but she still has hope because of Redemption Island. She's hoping her mom comes back, but she also thinks that no matter who returns, that person will work with her. Yeah, that's great. So then you'll have an alliance of two people and the other side still has three. I'm all for fighting until the end, but I'm not sure why Ciera is so excited about this.

They discuss sleeping arrangements and Tyson defers to Monica. He interviews that he knows his best shot in the finals is against Monica and Gervase, and he may have to use his Idol to keep Monica on his side. Tyson tells Monica that she can trust him and Gervase one hundred percent, and then he gives her the Idol. To keep. He tells her that she can play it or give it to her kids. She refuses to take it and hands it back. Tyson interviews again that with someone coming back from Redemption and partnering with Ciera, he knows they will try to swing Monica over again. Monica interviews that if the boys see her as their lapdog, she's willing to show that she can make her own decisions, and with the returning player she will have two chances of going to the final three. So there's the first instance of Monica claiming she might just make a big move. It won't be the last.

Meanwhile, Hayden arrives at Redemption Island and gets a warm greeting from Laura and Tina. He reminds us in an interview that he's never been voted off a reality show before and it sucks. He starts out by telling everyone that Ciera won immunity, and that the Tribal Councils were crazy. He adds that someone has to break up the Tyson-Gervase-Monica triumvirate, because he doesn't want any of them to win. They all agree that whoever gets back in needs to team with Ciera and find the Idol. Aw, if that's their plan, they are in big trouble. Hayden concludes in an interview that he's going up against "two grandmas" in the truel, so he likes his chances. So he won't be winning. He just jinxed it.

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