Blood is Thicker Than Anything

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Blood in the Water
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Boy, I'll say this for Survivor: for all of the (often deserved) crap the show takes for the ridiculous twists and potential producer manipulation, the camera work and editing is priceless. The vistas they are showing in this opening are amazing. Thank God they finally went to HD. Anyway, Jeff Probst says in a voiceover that ten pairs of castaways are approaching this season's location, but instead of all going in one boat or airplane, each pair has their own transportation. Some are in a boat, while some in a car. They really missed an opportunity here to just have each mode of transportation be more ridiculous: hot air balloon, mule, rickshaw, Segway, Fred Flintstone car. I would pay good money to see Rupert in a Fred Flintstone car, running through the jungle. Anyway, each pair consists of a returning player and his or her loved one, but they don't know that they will be on separate tribes, not together.

First up is Gervase from the first season, and his niece Marissa. Gervase is sure he's going to win this time around, and Marissa says she's going to win. Gervase agrees that she's driven, but she's also new. This will be a theme: the advantage that the returning players have. But, I don't know how much of an advantage it will be. You'd think the returning players never shut up about their experiences, right? I'm sure Rupert has given many a lecture over the breakfast table about how important it is to build a shelter right away.

Kat from Survivor: One World is playing with her boyfriend, Big Brother winner Hayden. I have watched every season of that show, and I barely remember him. He won? I just looked at the cast picture from the season and I vaguely remember him. I guess he just got overshadowed by Brenchel. (Blech!) Anyway, Kat points out that he's already won a show and now it's her turn. So why did you bring him if you don't want him to win at all?!

Laura is from the Samoa season, I guess. I don't remember her either. I think there might be something wrong with my brain because I just watched Laura's original elimination on YouTube and I barely remember any of those people. Anyway, she's playing with her daughter Ciera. Laura is worried that she won't be able to handle seeing her daughter suffer.

Rupert is back with his wife, Laura. I can't imagine why anyone would marry Rupert. Can you imagine how bad his beard smells? Probst refers to Rupert's "legacy"…like, don't encourage him. Laura says this has always been about Rupert and "Rupert, Rupert, Rupert." Do I sense dissension in the ranks? I wish Laura would just kick him to the curb. Ugh, I can't stand him.

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