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Mother, May I?
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The tribe returns to camp after voting out Tina and comments on how dark it is, because it's cloudy. Someone says something about "heat lightning" and my brother, the amateur weather guy, would be SO MAD. Every time I say something about heat lightning, he yells at me that there is no such thing and it's just cloud-to-cloud instead of cloud-to-ground. He's very serious about lightning. He might need a hobby. That's not weather-related. Anyway, everyone apologizes to Katie for voting out her mom. Katie interviews that she's feeling defeated because the alliance is very entrenched and if she doesn't figure out something soon, she's doomed.

Laura and Ciera quietly celebrate being the last set of loved ones in the game. Ciera interviews though that being a pair puts a target on their backs. Ciera tells her mom that they should vote out Katie or, if she wins immunity, Monica. Guess there's no women's alliance, then.

Day 23. I always forget that the tribe is named Kasama now. Dumb name. Anyway, Laura exults to Ciera that they are in a great position because they have two votes to sell. I fail to see how that gives them strength. Ciera says that they need to stand down and let Tyson make all the decisions (so everyone knows he's running the show, then) so they aren't seen as strategizing too hard. Ciera interviews that there's been a role reversal and now she's advising her mom on what to do, and she thinks she's a better player than her mom given that she hasn't been voted out despite going to many Tribal Councils. Laura interviews that she is following Ciera's advice, and it's been a great gift to be in this game together and let her daughter shine. Ciera articulates the thesis of this episode in an interview when she says that she loves playing with her mom, but if her mom needs to go so that Ciera can continue, then that's what will happen, because Ciera has a better shot at winning the game than Laura.

So the main thrust of the episode has been established: will Ciera have to jettison Laura in order to stay in the game? Moving right along to the Truel between Aras, Vytas and Tina. Probst explains that they have to use a grappling hook to retrieve three bags, then take a ball out of one of the bags (so why three?) and put the ball through one of those tilting maze tables. The first two to finish will stay; the third will go to the jury. Probst also hopefully reminds them that the winner gets a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol to bestow upon a contestant. (Subtext: PLEASE stop throwing clues in the fire!!!!) Probst asks Tina if she even considered letting Katie switch spots, but and Tina says no -- so with that formality out of the way, let the games begin.

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