Sharp Teeth

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The Hardy Boys and the Wayward Werewolf
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THEN! Sam found out that Dean tricked him into letting an angel possess him and he was like, "That's not how consent works, writers!" The angel used Sam's bod to kill Kevin Tran while Dean watched and cried helplessly. Dean felt pretty guilty about this, so he decided to hunt down the murderous angel – all by himself, so that nobody else would get murdered because of him. Everybody rolled their eyes because it's clear the show is determined to keep these dangerously codependent brothers in each other's sick orbits, so there was no way their separation would last long. During his brief, action-packed solo adventure, Dean met the Father of Murder and received the "mark of Cain." It seemed very promising and made many people look forward to what might happen next. Unfortunately, the show isn't great with forward momentum, so we're going to revisit Garth this week. Remember Garth? He was a hunting buddy of the Winchesters, who had somehow managed not to die despite himself. He disappeared while "protecting" Kevin Tran, never to be heard from again. Until...

...NOW! It's a foggy night in Grantsburg, Wisconsin that looks just like the foggy nights we've seen everywhere from Texas to Montana, and everywhere in between. Cowbells jangle in the distance, followed by sounds of bovine distress. "Oh, moo! Moo! Moo is me!" A farmer darts out of his house to investigate, shotgun at the ready. He spies a shadowy figure in a trucker cap running away from his cows. The farmer chases this possible cow fucker through the woods, shooting but missing his target. The miscreant runs and runs, darting past branches, jumping over fences. He emerges onto an unlit country road, where he is promptly hit by the one car driving by that night. As the camera pans down to his unconscious form, we see that it's Garth. Why couldn't you have stayed missing, Garth? Why?!

Some time later, Sam arrives at Grantsburg Memorial Hospital. The town has 1,300 people, but that's apparently enough to sustain a big, fancy hospital. In the guise of an FBI agent, he approaches the front desk and says, "I'm looking for a John Doe that was admitted here a few days ago." He describes his quarry as looking like Ichabod Crane, clearly not referring to the version on Fox. "I know just who you mean," says the lady behind the desk, adding, "Sure is a popular guy!" Sam gives her a quizzical look, but doesn't ask what she means, because that would ruin the surprise when...

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