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The gang plays beach volleyball. There's a super-cheesy slow-motion shot of Bradin (America's New Teen Heartthrob!) going up for a spike and Jay diving into the sand but missing the ball. So, still tension between those two. Susannah takes time out from the game to quiz Ava on a nearby single guy, who kind of looks like Nicholas Brendon before he got puffy. C. Thomas Howell's reanimated corpse serves, and the ball hits Non-Puffy Nick Brendon in the head. The girls giggle. The game continues as Susannah and Ava discuss whether Ava is ready to date right now. Also, you know I love Merrin Dungey, but she should not be wearing an apron top, especially if she's going to stand next to Lori Loughlin. The ball comes to Ava and she manages to slap it across the net (totally illegal hit), and then Non-Puffy Nick Brendon and Johnny conk heads while diving for it. Oh, the slapstick.

Nikki and some goofy-looking kid prepare to board the bus home from Camp Playa Linda and discuss The Outsiders. I don't think we need a reminder that Pony Boy didn't exactly stay gold. Goofy is shocked to learn that S.E. Hinton was female, and then asks Nikki if she is going to the Founder's Day celebration. Nikki heard that it was "lame-ass." Goofy asks if Nikki is interested in going anyway, and Nikki finally realizes that he's asking her out, so she says yes.

That evening, Ava and Non-Puffy Nick Brendon carry a tub of lobsters up to the house. Ava totally dismisses him, clearly not into him at all. Johnny, who's trying to fix her up with this guy, pretends to chew her out. C. Thomas Howell makes derogatory remarks about the brand of beer Ava bought, like, is there anything more annoying than a beer snob? If you're so picky, bring your own. They banter a little about the volleyball, while Ava prepares to dump a lobster into the boiling water. She hesitates, and C. Thomas Howell makes fun of her for being too sensitive. So then he walks over to take the lobster from her, and all the dead lobster talk gets him hot, and they make out. Just then, Goofy and Nikki walk in, and Goofy is C. Thomas Howell's son! Imagine that! Not at all contrived! So everyone's all awkward as we go to credits, which many of the Eagle-Eyed Forum Posters have pointed out are a complete ripoff of The O.C.'s credits, right down to the one-third credit/two-thirds scene from the show screen split.

The next morning, the four adults are eating breakfast (I guess, although Jay appears to be eating a sandwich) and discussing the fact that Ava made out with Kyle (C. Thomas Howell). And Ava and Susannah are supposed to be fashion designers, and yet Ava is wearing a Flashdance-inspired off-the-shoulder sweatshirt with a picture of a cat on the front, and Susannah is wearing a turquoise golf visor like my mom wore in the 1985 Guys-n-Gals Best Ball Golf Tournament. I wonder if Susannah, like my mom, has matching footie socks with the little pom-poms on the backs. Ava vows not to go out with Kyle, and Jay points out that they don't want to jeopardize Nikki's burgeoning friendship when Ava breaks Kyle's heart. Jay doesn't think Ava should tell Nikki, but Susannah doesn't think they should lie. Johnny says that Kyle's divorce has only been final for two months, so he's probably just looking to play around now that he has escaped "marital prison." Susannah spouts off some anti-man rhetoric about remote controls and beers, and haven't we moved beyond the '80s Yuk Yuk's material by now? Ava provides some backstory about Johnny splitting up with someone named Beth, which I'm only mentioning because Beth will probably show up on the show at some point, and then I can link to this recap. Susannah says that having the kids in their lives introduces "a whole new peer group" for dating purposes. Good to know that they see the kids as pimps. Ava and Susannah agree that there's nothing wrong with casual dating in this case.

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