Big Waves

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Big Waves

At the surf shop, Jay shapes a surfboard as Bradin watches. Jay blathers on about how he tries to let the board know what it wants to be, and something about Hawaii and souls. Erica stands behind Jay and waits for her cue, and then walks into the shot and says that Jay is making most of it up. Wow, that seemed natural. Bradin and Erica talk about how great the surfing is supposed to be today, and Bradin offers to watch the shop so that Jay can take advantage. Jay decline, and leaves with his surfboard. A girl who looks like the lost Olsen twin (the one that actually eats) wanders in and asks if she can hang a poster in the window. Erica recognizes the girl, Cricket, and they hug. Cricket asks Erica (known to Cricket as "Hot Stuff") if this is her shop, and Erica says that it belongs to Jay (known to Cricket as "Reef Breaker" and I'm beginning to understand where Erica got her penchant for nicknames). Cricket heard that Jay joined a Tibetan monastery. Jay doesn't look very happy about being found.

Back at the house, Derrick plays a videogame while Nikki surfs the web and tells Derrick to stop playing videogames. Johnny walks in and overhears Susannah setting up a photo shoot with a photographer named Rachel. Johnny remembers this Rachel from Susannah's old workplace; apparently, Rachel had a big crush on Johnny and followed him around. Ava walks in and explains that Rachel is shooting a photo book that Ava and Susannah will use to get their line into clothing stores, and then adds that she remembers Rachel and Johnny hooking up at the company Christmas party. Johnny is pissed that they are bringing Rachel into the house, and Ava rubs Rachel's success in Johnny's face. Yeah, because Rachel doesn't have a kid who plays baseball to ruin her promotion! Susannah points out that Johnny never called Rachel after their encounter, as Ava holds out her coffee for Johnny to add milk. Johnny says that Rachel could have called him. Susannah looks around for her sample sheet, and digs through piles and piles of paper lying on the counter. They discover an invitation to a wedding that already happened, and an unpaid power bill. Nikki tries to get Derrick to stop playing his videogame so that she can tape The Real World for Goofy, who is out of town. Shout-out? Also, why would you have to tape that show? It's on like eight times a week. And did you know that Goofy's real name is Cameron? I did not, until someone helpfully emailed me and pointed that out earlier this week. Thanks, reader! Various chaotic things happen, and Susannah tells Ava that for someone who hates mess, her house is awfully cluttered. Ava explains that she doesn't want to turn into her father, with charts and lists and schedules. Ava pulls out Johnny's listing book, which Nikki has apparently turned into a photo collage or something. Johnny doesn't even get mad that she ruined it, and what is she, six years old?

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