And So The Day Begins (2)

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And So The Day Begins (2)

Derrick walks into the living room and asks Ava why she and Johnny broke up. Um, none of your goddamn business? This kid must have watched a lot of soap operas back in Kansas, because he knows a whole lot about adult relationships. Ava stammers a non-response until Bradin walks in and says that he's starving. Derrick gets distracted and says that he's hungry too. Nikki tries to sneak into the room, and Derrick asks her what's for lunch. Nikki admits that she doesn't know. Everyone is shocked! Ava makes up an answer, and the kids agree. Everyone smiles. The phone rings, and Derrick checks the Caller ID and sees that it's Playa Rentals and Roommates. Johnny, Jay, and Susannah all deny that it could be for them. Derrick answers and says that it's someone returning Susannah's call from the night before. Nikki picks up the phone and says that one of Susannah's current roommates was really horrible, but now that roommate is really sorry and hopes that Susannah doesn't need a new place now. Susannah grins, and Nikki hangs up. The music is all plucky like that was hilarious or something.

Johnny asks if everyone wants to kayak to Pelican Island this weekend. Why wait until the weekend? It's not like any of them has a job. Bradin thinks that sounds fun. Jay wants to go see some Jackie Chan movies, and Derrick is totally into it. Susannah gets Nikki to agree to go to a giant flea market. Ava smiles, having successfully pawned off the kids on her roommates, so now she can take a nap. Or maybe I'm projecting.

Next week: Ava gets laid. Nikki gets a boyfriend. Bradin smokes pot and gets punched in the face. See you there!

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