And So The Day Begins (2)

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And So The Day Begins (2)

Ava walks up to Nikki's room and knocks on the door. Nikki doesn't answer, and just hugs her pillow tightly. Ava reports back to the roommates that Nikki hasn't left her room. They all start talking at once, and Ava says she doesn't know what to do. Johnny says he's not exactly a great protector, and Susannah points out that she and Nikki have clashed since day one. Jay concludes that "it's the blind leading the blind." Ava decides to take the kids back to Kansas for a while, and thinks that that will convince Nikki to leave her room. Jay says it'll teach Nikki that throwing a tantrum means that she gets her way. Susannah says that's true, but that Nikki's too young to know that. Yeah, it also makes people hate and resent you, Susannah. Ava says she's going to apologize. Susannah asks if Ava is really sorry, and Ava says that she lost it with Nikki. Johnny says that Ava may have crossed some lines, but so did Nikki. Ava compares the children to "three perfect crystal vases" that she has dropped. Maybe she needs to learn that children aren't inanimate objects that you own. Johnny says that Ava acted real with Nikki for the first time, and that now that she's stopped trying to be Karen, Nikki will respond. Jay says she can't wrap the kids in "cotton wool" and keep them in the basement. But you can wrap them in polyester wool? Jay suggests that Ava do "zero," and Susannah agrees, and then laments that she's agreeing with flaky Jay. Johnny says that as long as Ava loves the kids, everything will be okay. Johnny tells Ava to have faith, because he has faith in her. Jay and Susannah agree.

Nikki watches out the window as the three teenaged girls from earlier play volleyball on the beach.

Downstairs, Bradin sneaks into the kitchen. Ava asks what happened to his surfing lessons. Bradin says that you get knocked around out there. Ava doesn't think he'll break. She sternly says that as long as he's living in the house, he's not allowed to drink alcohol. Bradin doesn't answer.

Down on the beach, Erica asks Bradin why he was late for their lesson. Bradin stammers an excuse, and Erica asks where he was last night, since he promised he wouldn't be a jerky guy. Bradin apologizes and says that something came up at home. Erica says that she made mistakes too, and starts complaining about guys. So are we supposed to think that Erica is a whiny psycho? Or that Bradin has decided to be a slut like Jay? That scene was kind of weird.

Back in the house, Nikki sneaks downstairs. She's got her hair pulled back in a headband, so we know that, like Ally Sheedy in The Breakfast Club, she's had a personality change. Nikki heads for the door then changes her mind and starts to go back up the stairs. She spots the first aid supplies that Ava bought, and smiles.

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