And So The Day Begins (2)

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And So The Day Begins (2)

Cut to later that night, where Susannah is talking on the phone to someone at a rental agency that is apparently open all night. Susannah is looking for a new place to live. Hey, so is Johnny! So is Ava. For some reason, all of the rental agents want to know why they're leaving their current situation, like a real rental agent would give a shit. Jay goes online to find a new roommate. By the way, Jay is twenty-seven, and his reason for leaving his current residence is, "I royally messed up." Yeah, that'll get you lots of potential roommates. Susannah's reason is to save an old friendship. Johnny says he's "not fit for service," which makes it sound like he has erectile dysfunction. Maybe that's why Ava dumped him! Ava says that her current place doesn't allow kids. I still want to know what kinds of rental places are open in the middle of the night.

Johnny stares out his bedroom window. Derrick just barges into his room, like, didn't the kid learn his lesson when he walked in on Ava naked? Actually, I guess he did learn his lesson. Derrick asks Johnny if he wants to watch television. They end up watching the weather, as Johnny explains that you can't blink in real estate, and that you can't sell anything near a hillside when it rains, but sometimes you don't get advance notice. Derrick guesses that Johnny lost money. Johnny says that he did, but makes Derrick swear not to tell. So Johnny is secretly poor? Derrick asks Johnny if he went on a date last night, and Johnny admits that he did, and then asks Derrick if he's dating anyone. Derrick laughs and says no, and that was the one moment when that kid seemed natural, so I'm guessing the line was ad-libbed. Derrick asks why Johnny isn't dating Ava. Johnny carefully answers that he dated Ava in college and a little in law school. I'm going to assume that he went to law school, but Ava didn't. Anyway, Johnny says he doesn't date Ava anymore because he likes her too much. Derrick is understandably confused. Johnny explains that he's worried he might hurt her feelings. Derrick says that she might hurt hers. Johnny says that relationships are difficult for some people. Derrick asks if it's like a disease, and Johnny agrees. Derrick hopes Johnny is cured, because he's comfortable with Johnny. Is Derrick saying that he wants to be in a relationship with Johnny? Is it still to early in the recap for pedophilia jokes?

The next morning, Jay bursts into Bradin's room. Bradin, in the tradition of everyone ever hung over from two beers on television, is lying with his feet on his pillow and his head at the foot of the bed. No one does that. Jay ignores Bradin's pain and opens the blinds as Bradin complains about the noise. Jay offers up a "morning-after tonic" his uncle sent from Australia. Bradin reluctantly starts drinking it as Jay apologizes for his dalliance with Erica. Bradin pissily complains that Erica didn't even mean anything to Jay, and Jay agrees. Bradin wonders if he's supposed to leave Erica for Jay to have. Does Erica get a say in this? Jay says that Bradin is sixteen and has the whole summer ahead of him, and that Erica is too old for him. Jay tries to sell Bradin on the slut lifestyle. Bradin figures out that Jay is the guy who created the bad memories for Erica in Spanish Cove. Jay says he can't help how Erica feels. Bradin threatens to kill Jay if he hurts Erica, and follows up this threat by yakking in the garbage can. Yum.

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