And So The Day Begins (2)

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And So The Day Begins (2)

Johnny runs in and asks if Derrick came inside. They realize that Derrick is gone, and run out to the beach.

Upstairs, Nikki sobs in her bed.

Meanwhile, Derrick walks down the beach, wearing an outfit that no nine-year-old boy would ever wear. It's a short-sleeved button down shirt with matching patterned shorts and sandals. He looks like a miniature Miami retiree. Derrick spots a rock in the ocean and wades out.

Ava and Johnny question Creepy Friend about the location of Suicide Rock. Creepy Friend must be a bad actor (must be?) because they use the same clip of him twice in a row, but cut it to look different. Weak. Luckily, there are only two rocks in all of California! Johnny and Ava run off to check the two rocks, while Susannah calls the lifeguards.

Bradin wanders down to the restaurant where he's supposed to meet Erica. Some chick with big boobs skates by and gives him the eye. Okay, that lady was clearly in her twenties, and Bradin looks about fourteen. Inappropriate! Also, what was that about? Bradin walks into the restaurant and looks around for Erica. He spots her at the bar and starts walking over. As he gets closer, he sees Erica leaning in to kiss someone. It's Jay! I'm totally shocked! Except not at all. They should have had Erica kissing a girl. That would've been slightly shocking, and also lesbian kisses are ratings gold. Maybe Erica could have kissed the girl with the big boobs who just skated by. I'm just brainstorming here. Anyway, after the kiss, Jay totally checks out a nearby waitress's ass, and Bradin walks out in disgust. He walks over to a cooler and grabs a beer from someone. After two slugs, he grabs another beer and runs off. Wouldn't people notice someone stealing beer like that? Especially a clearly underage kid? It must be, like, Pabst Blue Ribbon or Milwaukee's Best or something.

Elsewhere, Derrick climbs up onto a rock and dons his ladies' sunglasses in preparation for the bright light. Come on, high tide!

Ava and Johnny reach the second rock in California, and they find Derrick. They wade out into the water, which is up to like their knees, and grab Derrick. He asks if he's in heaven yet, and Ava responds, "No, honey. You're here on earth with me, where you belong." Hee! Bad writing. At their urging, Derrick immediately hops down, totally giving up on his suicide plans. Where is his commitment? He's never going to get anywhere without determination. Anyway, the group wades back onto the beach as Susannah watches.

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