And So The Day Begins (2)

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And So The Day Begins (2)

Nikki walks through Ava and Susannah's studio, and Susannah asks for her help. For some reason, Susannah has her hair in a ponytail with a chiffon scarf in it, like she's on the set of Happy Days. She should tell Nikki to sit on it. Susannah asks Nikki's opinion on a sketch. Nikki says she doesn't know, and adds that "emperors of the world" don't know much about fashion. Susannah apologizes for her remark, and tries to discuss Nikki's attitude, but Nikki gets pissed that Susannah calls her "sweetheart" and "honey" and stomps off. Ava walks upstairs and asks what happened. Susannah lies that Nikki is going to take a nap. This is clearly going to be one of those shows that pisses me off, because if these people actually, you know, talked to each other like adults once in a while, they would cut their problems in half. But instead, they lie and misdirect and avoid, and it's annoying.

Derrick digs through a box of toys until he finds a pair of sunglasses. He puts them on. Johnny watches, then shakes his head, and sits down in a chair to read the paper. Derrick is wearing women's sunglasses, and they are a cat's-eye shape with rhinestones in the corners. Is that supposed to be funny? It's creepy.

Nikki schleps some laundry downstairs. Bradin runs in and wants to give her a high five. She asks if he's wearing cologne, and Bradin says that it's aftershave. Nikki asks where he's going. Bradin doesn't tell her at first, and then admits that he's going to hang out with a friend down at the pier, not that it's her business. Nikki drops her laundry basket and yells that Bradin seems to have completely forgotten about their parents. Bradin says that she can't tell him how to show his feelings, and that he misses his parents every second. Nikki asks if their dad would be out partying right now if one of his children died. I don't think their dad did much partying, period. Bradin retorts that their mom wouldn't be acting like "some psycho control freak." Nikki starts slapping Bradin, and he grabs her arms and yells that she's not his mother. Nikki totally loses it and starts yelling that nobody cares about her parents. Ava runs in and breaks it up. Bradin says he's going down to the pier to watch volleyball. Ava tries to act like she cares, but Bradin says he'll be with his surfing teacher, and takes off.

Nikki pouts on the couch. Ava tries to explain that everybody handles grief differently. Susannah suggests that Nikki get out and see friends as well, and offers up a friend's daughter as a potential playmate. Nikki bitches that Susannah doesn't know anything about Nikki. She adds, "If you knew the first thing about guys, you wouldn't be sharing a house with a bunch of your friends at this point, now would you?" Man, where did she learn to be such a bitch? ["Although...she does kind of have a point." -- Wing Chun] Ava tells Nikki to shut up, and says that there's no excuse for that kind of rudeness and cruelty. Nikki tries to run up to her room, but Ava forbids it. Ava reminds Nikki that everyone feels a loss, but that everyone else is trying to make the situation work. She accuses Nikki of pushing people around, and tells her to step up and act like a member of the family. Ava concludes that Nikki is acting like "a selfish baby." Nikki runs off, and Susannah looks all disappointed, like everything Ava just said wasn't true. Susannah should have applauded.

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