And So The Day Begins (2)

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And So The Day Begins (2)

The morning after the cutting of the power, Ava wakes up early. She rolls over in bed to discover Derrick sleeping there. Now that's a one-night stand to regret! Oh, I'm sorry. Is it too early in the recap for an incestuous pedophilia joke? Ava goes up to Nikki's room, but Nikki isn't there. Ava calls her name. Jay comes into the house and says that Nikki's outside. Ava starts to run out there, but Jay advises her, "I know last night was rough, but you can't make it happen. You have to let it happen." Susannah calls out to remind Ava that they have that airport meeting with a famous designer in about two hours. I seriously think the wardrobe and hair departments hate Merrin Dungey. She now has her hair in a ponytail or bun or something with these tendrils hanging down in the front, but the tendrils are like, the size of Cleveland and they look like wings. Get a bobby pin or a barrette or something and tame those things before the ocean breezes pick her up and sail her off to Catalina.

Nikki stands outside and stares at the water. Three teenage girls walk down the beach giggling. What self-respecting teenager would be awake that early? One girl breaks off from the pack and walks over to say hello to Nikki, who is all squinty, even thought it's totally overcast and not sunny at all. ["That facial expression made her look like she was having a colonoscopy, like, if the hair and makeup departments hate Dungey, the lighting department must LOATHE Kay Panabaker not to put up a filter or something." -- Wing Chun] Friendly Girl asks if Nikki just moved in, and Nikki says that she lives in Kansas. Friendly Girl just says, "Oh." Awkward silence. Squinty Nikki. Finally, Friendly Girl says goodbye and runs back to her friends. Nikki squints after them, which causes a giant wrinkle to pop out in her forehead, and some sort of weird lump appears. She really is a strange-looking child.

Jay and Johnny jog down the beach together. Are we sure that those two aren't involved? Like, maybe Ava turned Johnny against all women? Anyway, Bradin catches up to them and asks for advice about women. Boy, did he pick the wrong two guys to ask! Johnny immediately advises Bradin to think about something else, like baseball. The interesting thing is that the captioning had him saying, "If she's pregnant, it's her choice what to do about it." I guess they changed the line at the last minute, which was a good decision, because that is highly inappropriate. Jay thinks what Johnny said was still inappropriate, and they really need to decide which one of them is going to be the immature, goofy one, because they've been making that Jay so far. Bradin says that it is about a girl. Jay points out that he and Johnny are not exactly experts, but Johnny tells Bradin to spill it. Bradin asks, if a girl is really hot, and a guy doesn't have a chance, should he ask her out anyway? Didn't he have a girlfriend back in Kansas? Did he just dump her when he moved? Because while that would make sense, it's not what most teens would do. Johnny thinks Bradin should go for it. Jay thinks Bradin should play it cool and let the woman come to him. Again, their advice goes against everything we know about these two, and should have been reversed. Johnny and Jay decide to race up the stairs for some unknown reason, and Bradin does the bad-actor thing of pinching the bridge of his nose to indicate...some emotion. See: Wiggins, Wiley in Dazed and Confused.

Ava comes downstairs and finds Nikki in the kitchen. Ava starts babbling about how "the Canadians pulled out of Johnny's deal." Oh, those Canadians. Always pulling out of deals and suchlike. I still have no idea what Johnny does. Ava explains that Derrick and Nikki have to go to the airport while Ava and Susannah have their meeting. Nikki says she promised Derrick that they would dig for crabs. This is where I would say, "Okay, but things change, so you're going with us." Or, I would drag Bradin back from wherever the hell he is, so he could watch them. Ava tries to negotiate, which is her first mistake. Susannah gets into it too, but Nikki isn't having it. Nikki makes the excuse that she thinks Derrick has sunstroke, and Ava totally falls for it and rushes over to feel Derrick's forehead. Nikki bitches that Ava needs a thermometer, and then acts disgusted that Ava doesn't have a first aid kit. Is there usually a thermometer in a first aid kit? Isn't that more like bandages and ointments and ice packs and stuff? Susannah rolls her eyes. Derrick insists that he's okay, and Susannah is glad to hear it. Nikki says that when Derrick was really sick before, he still said that he was okay, even when he had to be hospitalized. Susannah reminds Ava of their appointment. Ava tells Derrick to stick out his tongue and say "aah." Nikki bitches that Ava doesn't know what she's looking for. Ava is fed up and says that things will be fine, and that they need to get going. Nikki keeps making excuses, and asks if Susannah can just take the clothes and go without Ava. Ava explains that they're selling themselves. So, they're prostitutes now? At least that explains how they can afford the rent on this beach house. Ava asks Nikki again to get in the car. Nikki says no and walks away. Oh, no she didn't! Ava should slap the taste right out of her mouth. Instead, Ava tells Susannah that she'll be fine on her own. Susannah starts to argue, but sees the look on Ava's face and makes up the excuse that Ava had to go to New York to meet with Donna Karan. Wow. I can't believe they let Nikki get away with that shit. Way to teach her that she rules the household.

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