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Stabbed in the Backstory ... Again
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Donna and Louis are riding up together in the elevator, and when she senses his good mood, he "reluctantly" tells her about some recent bits of good fortune, including a turning point in his relationship with Nigel's cat Mikado, five new hairs on the top of his head, and his sister's broken foot. "Serves her right. Dad's favorite." But his mood goes quickly south when they step off the elevator and are both stunned to see the new sign on the wall reading "Pearson Darby Specter." Without even bothering to turn around, Louis reverses right back into the elevator, saying, "I need a day."

Donna heads on into Harvey's office, where she has two questions: when did he find out about this (last night) and why didn't he tell her? He says he shouldn't have had to, and accuses her of being distracted lately. Donna wants him to admit that her relationship with Stephen bothers him, which he refuses to do because he continues to insist that it doesn't. "I've never had to tell you a thing," he adds. "You've always just known."

And with that, we're suddenly ten years in the past, at the New York District Attorney's office. Which we already know is where Harvey and Donna were working at the time. Now, in this sepia-toned flashback from beyond the deep mists of pre-history, Donna demonstrates that back then she can still tell how much coffee Harvey has had by the quality of his signature, even as a giant 2003 wig threatens to eat her head. Harvey and his Richie Cunningham hairdo challenge Donna's observational talents. So she proves them to him by going all Sherlock Holmes on him, deducing from his appearance all manner of conclusions from a big poker win the previous night to his current single status.

Cameron Dennis -- who had graying hair and a mustache then, too, just four years after Gary Cole was in Office Space -- comes up to talk about a couple of murder-defendant brothers who are in the house. Harvey suggest his idea relating to the "Night Owl murders," which Cameron both recognizes as an L.A. Confidential reference and shoots down.

Harvey unwisely comes right back at him by mocking Cameron's own The Untouchables-derived plan -- unwise because it causes Cameron to do a bad Sean Connery impression. After Cameron leaves, Harvey does his own bad Connery for Donna, and accuses her of being into him, which he thinks is the only way she should be able to tell as much about him as she can. Donna says she's just Donna, meaning, "I could do the same thing with Bertha [a very large woman working nearby] that I did with you." Harvey figures that means Donna is into Bertha too, and suggests a threesome. Which Donna shots down, saying Harvey would never want to share her. As she leaves, Bertha just shakes her head at Harvey, who grins at her like he wouldn't turn down a threesome with Bertha and anyone.

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