The Arrangement

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Mending (Some) Fences
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We're starting the third season with some previouslies, and it's been long enough that they're actually helpful. So I'm going to depart from my usual policy and cover them. Harvey made a bet with British law firm boss Edward Darby in which the stakes were his firm's merger with Pearson Hardman, and Jessica added that if Harvey lost, he'd have to stick around to try to earn his name on the door. Louis and his British counterpart Nigel Hobbling-Thump or something made an agreement not to axe each other in their efficiency reports, which Louis went back on, thinking Nigel would do the same -- but he didn't. Jessica blackmailed Mike into screwing Harvey and causing him to lose the bet, after which Harvey tried to fire him, but Jessica overruled him. Harvey's sometime girlfriend and Darby's employee Scottie got fired in the fallout, until Harvey vouched for her to Darby, who asked if Harvey preferred her in London or New York. Jessica told Harvey to get over himself, and Mike confessed to Rachel that he never went to Harvard. And then sexed her up in the file room, as you do.

It's nighttime in New York. Mike mopes on his couch and then we see employees starting to flood into the office, dressed for work even though it's still dark outside. Mike shows up at Harvey's office door asking what's up, and Harvey explains about an emergency partners' meeting. "Essential personnel only." The two of them seem to be cool with each other, because not only are they bantering about Mike's fear of the dark, Harvey says "we" are finalizing the terms of the merger. Mike wonders if this means he's suddenly a partner, but Harvey clarifies that he and Jessica decided he deserves to be there, given his part in making the merger happen. Mike seems surprised that Harvey seems to have forgiven Jessica. "She won, I lost. Nothing to forgive." As for Mike, "You did what you had to do." Mike accepts this -- and Harvey's handshake -- gratefully. Now just wait until Harvey finds out he told Rachel the truth. He's going to be Mike-firing-pissed all over again.

In the conference room, Darby and Pearson make a speech announcing the completed merger of Darby Pearson. Rachel interrupts the big moment by saying it's all "full of shit." "I told her," Mike whispers to Harvey. "Told her what?" Louis asks from Mike's other elbow. "That Mike Ross is a fraud," Rachel says. Suddenly a cop appears behind Mike to bend him over the table and that's when Mike sits up on his couch, having woken from this nightmare. Yep, saw that coming.

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