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A Flock with One Stone
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Harvey's back in his office, getting patched up by Donna after beating up Stephen Huntley in the men's room. Mike and Jessica must have wandered off during the interim. Donna's feeling awful about not having realized that her now-ex-boyfriend was a lying sneak who ordered the killings for which Harvey's client Ava Hessington is about to go on trial, so Harvey tells her that Stephen betrayed all of them. "Just tell me you're gonna make him pay," Donna asks. Harvey is glad to oblige. What's he going to do, beat him up again?

Harvey then goes down to see Mike, who's at his desk in the otherwise empty bullpen. He tells Mike to keep working on impeaching the testimony of Colonel Mariga, the man whose troops did the actual killing and who is now the prosecution's star witness. As for Stephen, Harvey says they don't have enough proof of his involvement to use in Ava's defense, or even alert her yet. So for now, Harvey's going to go home, sleep, and find out what the whole story is. Mike warns that Stephen won't tell him that, but Harvey says someone else can.

The next morning, Harvey and Jessica are grilling Edward Darby in her office. Turns out this case was his reason for wanting to merge in the first place, and though he admits he knew about Stephen's involvement after the fact, he denies having given Stephen the order regarding the killings. Darby claims that he sent Stephen over because of how much he cares about Ava, but when Jessica invites him to say in court that Stephen acted on his own without Ava's knowledge, he begs off, saying Stephen never told him and he never asked, so he doesn't legally know. Harvey calls Darby a piece of shit for leaving Ava twisting in the wind like this, and Jessica informs Darby that he's going to do something for her right now.

And…cut to Stephen in his office, locked out of his computer and unable to get his desk phone to work. Donna's there, saying this all is her doing, to get his attention. She has some calm yet harsh words for Stephen, calling him a murderer. Stephen starts mansplaining to her about the moral complicity of the designers who make her clothes, not to mention that of any number of Harvey's corporate clients. Donna gets bored and says the real reason he's cut off is because he's fired. Stephen doesn't believe Darby would allow that, so Donna informs him that Darby signed his pink slip an hour ago. So chew on that, Stephen.

Louis has just finished chewing out the associates in the bullpen for their shoddy work in his absence when Rachel intercepts him on his way out of the bullpen, wondering why he just shit on the people who put him back in charge. Louis doesn't see it that way, saying, "They made me give up Mikado for them." Rachel says they didn't put Louis in this position. "But I know who did," Louis says. Uh, the idiot who sued for someone else's cat in the first place?

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