Conflict of Interest

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Battling Bosses
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This episode's early morning opening is a study in contrasts, with Harvey confidently jogging the crowded sidewalks as Louis goofily power walks. Also, Louis checks a newspaper while Harvey reads the news about the Hessington Oil takeover on his phone. Yes, we get it: Harvey is cool and Louis is not. The two of them run into each other when they arrive for work and exposit about the board's vote coming up in 48 hours. Five minutes later in the conference room, Harvey and his piss-boy Mike meet Louis and his piss-boy Katrina.

There's some petty sniping between the four of them before they get to work, at which point the sniping begins in earnest. Louis is talking about Ava Hessington's public statement. Mike & Harvey argue that there won't be one, because Ava's on trial for murder. But Louis and Katrina, whose job is defending Hessington Oil from the takeover threat, insist that Ava has to speak publicly in order to protect her credibility as CEO. Katrina points out that if Ava's cold enough to kill, she's cold enough to lie to the press. "I mean, we all know she did this, right?" Harvey tries to shut this down, but Louis says that Ava's already on her way to an interview with the Wall Street Journal. There's nothing Harvey can do now to keep Ava from being pictured as a series of dots.

Or is there? Elsewhere, some reporter is walking down the sidewalk when he gets a call from a voice that is obviously Mike doing a bad British accent. Mike claims to be Ava's assistant relocating the interview, appearing in front of the reporter in mid-call. He tells the reporter that if he still wants the exclusive interview, all he has to do is get into the car and the driver (I assume Harvey's) will take him to the meeting. After the car leaves with the world's most credulous reporter inside, presumably on its way to the Catskills, Mike turns and nods through the window of the restaurant he's standing in front of.

Inside, Harvey receives the signal and proceeds to the table where Ava Hessington is waiting, and tells her she's not doing the interview. Ava says it's bullshit that she's not, and the only reason Harvey doesn't want her to talk is because he thinks she's guilty. Harvey repeats that it doesn't matter what he thinks, (translation: that is correct), and that Ava saying she's innocent won't help. "Because you know who says they're innocent? Everybody." Harvey argues that at the murder trial, Cameron Dennis is going to make her look like "a greedy oil exec clinging to her money factory with her bloodstained hands." Ava gets up and tells Harvey to fix both situations, "Because I am not losing my company to Tony Gianopolous." I agree. That name is a bitch to type.

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