Bad Faith

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Breaking Up Is Hard to Win
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Mike's up early and getting ready for work, having apparently spent the night at Rachel's apartment. She's also up, and as she hands him a cup of gourmet coffee and drops her robe, it's quickly apparent that she plans to get him up in an entirely different way. Needless to say, she is successful. Also needless to say, Mike will be arriving at work later than expected. By at least a minute or two.

Elsewhere on this early morning, Donna emerges from her apartment building to find Harvey waiting for her outside, also in a good mood. As he did last night, he's putting his car at her disposal -- as well as himself, for some breakfast and shopping. "You've been needing a new handbag," Donna points out before stepping into the car. She pauses to wonder what's up with him, and Harvey says they've both been through a lot and could use a little celebration. Donna concedes the point, and says Harvey will need more than one handbag. "Wouldn't have it any other way," he agrees.

At the office, Louis makes himself at home in Jessica's office to tell her that he wants to handle the de-merger with Darby. And he's ready to wreak vengeance on both Darby and Stephen Huntley in a way that Jessica, blinded by anger, might not be able to pull off. Speaking of which, Harvey comes in with Darby's offer, which is a low ball that's pissing both him and Jessica off. Which is exactly Louis's point. Harvey mocks the very idea of Louis handling this, saying that the Washington Generals always thought they could beat the Harlem Globetrotters. "My father played for the Washington Generals," Louis says, which is beyond perfect.

Harvey keeps digging at Louis, saying the idea's a joke, until Jessica asks for a minute with Harvey. "I am not a joke," Louis says tightly before exiting. And Jessica tells Harvey, "You can't do that any more." Now that he's a name partner, he has to show Louis respect. "I'm being dismissive to his face," Harvey argues. Jessica tells Harvey about an old partner at the firm who Jessica used to fight with, but as soon as she and Hardman took over she went and buried the hatchet with him. Harvey gets the point, recalling that that guy never voted against Jessica. Jessica also says that Louis is right…but not entirely: "I'm going to put him in as quarterback, then snap the ball to you." Because Louis doesn't get sports metaphors?

When Mike arrives at work, he and Harvey conference about the plan. It's going to involve claiming more clients as their own in order to count more revenue on their side and thus dictate certain terms of the merger, while Louis is negotiating the terms and making the other side think they're playing fair. Mike says that might be considered bad faith, which Harvey says Darby was also guilty of at the time of the merger. Mike figures out this was Jessica's idea, a question Harvey dodges in favor of discussing which client to shift to their side. Mike says they'll need a big one that just took a huge loss. Harvey says a recent winner could also work, saying that nobody cries harder at the Miss America pageant than the winner, because she'll never win again.

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