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Anne retires to her office, leaving the minions to stew in the conference room. They say Team 1 scored a coup getting this designer. Joe Zee liked the show a lot and thinks the layout has "dynamic possibilities." Zac loves the title. Anne says it is the strongest element on the page, but it is too overstuffed. Anne thinks Team 2 delivered a focused story, but the headline drives her crazy. Joe Zee says they gave it a point of view and made an editorial decision. Zac says their layout is a bore. It is "a snooze page," per Joe Zee.

Team 2 wins. Which I don't get. Anne and Joe keep saying they want them to take risks and be original, but give the win to the people who play it safe. Thank God this show is almost over. Brett escorts team 1 to Anne's office. Ms. Slowey tells them they have good taste, picked a great designer and put on a fabulous fashion show. Unfortunately, their layout was too cluttered. Zac looks down sadly. Anne says that Ashlie has been a "force to reckon with." But she was warned to edit down pictures, and apparently she doesn't know how to listen. Dyshaun demonstrated good styling abilities, but his copy didn't show a strong attention to detail. Dyshaun gets to stick around. Ashlie's not the right fit. Zac looks kind of sad about this, or he at least puts on a fake pout. Either way. Sweet of him. Now the three people I hate the most are left in this competition. And I don't really care who wins. Ash tries to put a positive spin on the whole thing and wishes them luck, she says it's not the last we'll see of her.

Next time: It's the season finale and the minions are getting some help -- from recently axed minions. Oh, please, please, please let Dyshaun or Megan get stuck with Kate!!! That'd be so incredible. The clips show Megan doing a "talk to the hand" to the camera. And we'll find out who will become the first (and likely only) Stylista.

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