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Back at the Elle offices, the teams have an hour to put together their layout. Team 2 writes together and chooses pictures together. Megan says it is 50/50. Things don't seem to be going so smoothly for Team 1. Dyshaun is flustered. Ashlie's mad because he won't make any decisions on what pictures to use. They split the writing, and didn't have time to go over their work, because there's a tight deadline. I feel for the person at Elle who has to manage the "winner" of this series. Megan comes up with the title His Egyptian Imprint and "his" and "im" are little, because the designer is inspired by Egyptian prints. Clever? No. Dyshaun is yelling at Ashlie that she's using too many damned pictures again. And then time is up.

They go home and Johanna talks to her mom on the phone. She thinks she's got a shot, because she doesn't have experience, but she's a quick learner. She starts crying that she doesn't want to go home and back to her other job.

The next morning at Elle, Anne and Joe Zee walk in with the guest judge, the adorable Zac Posen. Ashlie nearly loses it. She does a hyperventilating giggle. Anne notes that Ashlie seems excited. Way to notice the obvious there Anne. But still, Slowey goes through the motions of introducing him. Ashlie is beaming. Beaming. Anne takes all the credit for discovering him and making him famous. Which I guess could be true, but it seems a little bit braggy. She reminds them of the fabulous prizes that they are working towards.

Team 1 is up first. They were drawn to Jolibe because their clothes are so beautifully constructed. The Alchemist is their title, because he "takes unlikely fabrics and makes them into beautiful pieces of artwork." OK. Anne says they had a strong designer, she loved the hair and makeup. Ashlie did the layout. Zac says he loves the fashion, but doesn't like the way the clothes look on the page. Joe Zee wishes some of the pictures had been bigger. Dyshaun takes credit for writing all the copy, and then passing it on to Ashlie. Zac says the whole thing blends together and they are totally lost. Anne and Joe love the title, but Anne finds mistakes in the copy. Zac says the focus isn't there, and poor Ashlie looks like she's going to cry.

Team 2 is up. Megan says they "ended up" with Richard Ruiz. Lovely, I'm sure he'll be thrilled to hear that. They liked his custom prints. Anne says that she didn't love the styling choices during the runway show, but she likes the layout. Which is white and clean and looks almost identical to the examples (read: Anne Slowey's designs) that were shown. Anne compliments then on how they did some great editing, by taking a designer who didn't have a cohesive collection and making him shine. Again, I'm sure Richard Ruiz is just thrilled he was a part of this show. Zac complains that he can't really see the print and since that was their title, maybe they should have done a close up on the print. They get called out for having a picture of their designer surrounded by models that were wearing their street clothes. Apparently the photographer showed up too late. Zac says they should have used their own camera. Fabulous idea. Why didn't they think of that? Anne is baffled by the headline. Joe Zee does credit them with being able to explain Richard's vision, but says the layout is too safe. Zac encourages them to take risks and then he looks at Ashlie and smiles. She happily nods along with him.

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