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Back at their apartment, they are all sleeping, except Johanna who is busily typing up notes. She feels that hard work will help them get ahead. Interesting theory.

The next morning, they head off to Arena to produce their runway show. At this point, a pop-up add comes up on the screen that says "Kill or Be Killed." Appropriate, no? It's for that 13, Fear Is Real show, but it works here too. Malina introduces Jake Bailey, who is a Max Factor makeup artist. He's there to help them with their looks. Which is something I'd think would fall to the designers, not the coordinators, but all I know from fashion is Project Runway so who the hell knows. There's some product placement about 3-D makeup, which sadly does not involve cool 3-D glasses. I think that's false advertising. Johanna describes their look as "a boudoir, Victorian, sexy kind of thing." Team One wants Boy George in the '80s with the fake brow and strange lips. Dyshaun gets all panicky under stress and can't answer Ashlie's questions when she wants to know where the accessories are. He thinks she's the one who doesn't cope with stress. Over on Team 2, Megan's all bossy. Surprise, surprise. Johanna tells the models that this is the first fashion show she's even been too. They do their best not to look horrified. Ashlie and Dyshaun bicker about how slow their models should walk, but inform them no matter what, they need to take a good picture at the end of the runway. Anne and the rest of the panel file in to the front row and Team 1's Jolibe show begins.

I am not a fashionista, so I won't try and explain the outfits to you, but Anne says that she likes the hair and makeup. Yay, Boy George! The first two outfits are in this gorgeous shade of green that exactly matches the scarf I'm knitting right now. I'm trendy without even knowing it! That's a change of pace. Joe Zee seems impressed. But then there's a big pause, when a zipper breaks. Their order gets a little out of whack because of the technical difficulties, but it seems to go OK, at least to hear Dyshaun tell it.

Team 2. Megan puts Johanna in charge of when the models should go out. Megan's busy stripping the models and redressing them. Joe Zee complains about some of the shoe choices. That's gonna be a big fight come elimination time. Johanna gushes about how much she liked Team 1's show, because she really liked Jolibe's clothes. We freakin' get it. But Johanna, who I used to actually like, doesn't get that liking to wear awesome clothes, and working in the fashion industry are two different things. Oh my god. Did I just agree with Megan? Crap.

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