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Brett introduces them to Lee Trimble, who runs Gen Art, a showcase for designers. They've chosen six designers for them to pick from. Brett informs them that not only do they have to put together a layout, but they also have to do a runway show with their chosen designer that the entire Elle staff will be attending. Johanna's excited, she's never met a designer. Oh good lord. I see this going badly, and Megan's gonna toss her right under the bus.

The finalists are sent off to talk to the designers. Megan shows that she's wearing a shirt by one of the designers. She says that Lewis Cho is great, but he's been around forever. She's looking for a rare gem. Megan doesn't want anyone that has had too much press. Dyshaun and Ashlie choose Jolibe, because they mix interesting fabrics together. Ashlie interviews that they are probably going to have to fight for them. So they put in a bid for them. Sure enough, Megan walks over and tries to convince Jolibe that they should go with her. Brett puts the onus on Jolibe to decide. Guessing the other five designers are feeling like chopped liver now. Dyshaun thought it was first come, first serve, he's mad that Brett let Megan butt in. Megan gives a business pitch, which Johanna disapproves of because she's passionate about these clothes, but she quietly stands by and says nothing. Dyshaun and Ashlie are all about the passion for the design, and all of their uniqueness. Jolibe goes with Dyshaun and Ashlie, since they enjoyed their enthusiasm. Team 2 heads over to Richard Ruiz, their second choice. And everyone commences with interviewing the designers. And Brett tells them they've got to get to work on their shows.

At Elle downtown, the designers are there with their Fall '08 collections. Megan plans to start with brighter clothes and move to darker ones. Ashlie wants to make sure to end with pretty dresses. Megan keeps Johanna from putting her foot in her mouth, when the decrepit 28-year-old says she doesn't like one of Richard's designs. Miss "I've Never Met a Designer Before", needs to learn some etiquette. Megan pulls her aside and tells her that you have to stroke Richard's ego and they have to work with the designer's vision. Johanna says she's learning that it isn't always about what she likes. They are this far into the season and she's just figuring that out? Meanwhile, in the fashion closet, Ashlie is taking all the shoes that will fit their models. She does not feel bad about this one bit. Dyshaun tells Megan she can have his leftovers. This is why you don't stab your bestie in the back. Megan and Johanna bitch about their backstabbing. She didn't expect Dyshaun to take every pair of shoes in the closet. Which is far from the case. It looked like there were at least 30 pairs left on the shelf. I hate these people.

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