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Previously: Kate went off on Dyshaun in front of the panel. Her design was deemed too busy. She was finally sent home.... weeks after she should have been.

It's the final four, which Ashlie obviously states. She thought she'd be getting the ax last week for her inability to make editing decisions. Johanna, who clearly doesn't understand the fashion industry, hopes that there won't be any backstabbing now. Ashlie talks about how she's struggled and been waiting for this opportunity for her whole life. All 22 years of it. Johanna says it is hard to get interviews with her resume, since she has no experience. She did actually start a fashion blog, which is somewhat proactive. Megan basically calls Johanna too old to be starting out in this industry. She says that if you work in fashion, you start to hate shopping. Johanna thinks that the 22-year-old kids are all too jaded.

Malina calls them and tells them to get their asses over to Elite modeling agency. Dyshaun interviews that models tend flock to him. Anne needs the wannabes to cast a replacement model for a shoot with Zac Posen. Would an assistant be allowed to do this task? I'm skeptical. Ashlie flips out because she loves Zac Posen, he's her favorite designer. There's a selection of 30 models and they each have to pick one and put her in one of four identical dresses. Johanna's never been around a model before. She's intoxicated by their beauty. The dress is a pale golden yellow. Dyshaun smartly says that he's looking for someone who isn't too pale. Megan's looking for someone voluptuous. Ashlie goes for the eenie meenie miny moe approach. Johanna chooses the skinniest, palest model of the bunch. Anne comes in and says that it is for a body conscious story. Megan's got the best model. She thinks the honey-colored hair compliments the golden tone of the dress. Ashlie and Dyshaun get compliments from Slowey, but she says their models aren't quite statuesque enough. Johanna is told that she can't always just pick the slimmest person. Anne grabs Megan's model and heads out.

In the Elle office, Malina tells them they have to actually do something that involves writing more than a blurb. They have to do some reporting for a New Designers layout. They are sent to a showroom, where some of the best up and coming talent will be congregated. Way to have them do some investigating there. Not like they actually had to make an effort to seek out actual new designers. They've got three criteria to keep in mind. 1) Choose a designer who is on trend. 2) Pick clothes that represent their collection and 3) Convey who the designer is through the interview questions. Seems pretty obvious for basic journalism. Then Malina gives them a warning: Anne typically creates these pages herself, so they'd better bring it. They are split into teams of two, and Megan's in charge. She pairs Ashley and Dyshaun, and puts Johanna on her team. That's actually pretty shrewd, since Johanna does have some writing experience... even if Megan does consider her too old for this job. Dyshaun is hurt that she didn't pick him because he thought they were besties.

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