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Crimes of Fashion

Previously: Everyone still hates Kate. And with good reason. I miss you already, CK1/Eternity/Cool Water Cologne! Less so you, Arnaldo. And definitely not you, Jason.

We open at ELLE downtown just after Cologne's elimination. Several people believe Kate should have gone home, even if Cologne wouldn't have ultimately won. Ashlie is particularly dramatic and condescending as she tells Kate she must have a guardian angel, then proclaims she has lost all faith and weeps like she's about to fling herself onto a casket. Then again, it's Ashlie, so I guess this is just another day. Kate maintains she could win. Well, she does have stick-to-it-iveness, I'll give her that.

Back at the loft, William naively suggests that experience should be a top priority for Anne as she chooses a winner. While William and Dyshaun argue about who's got a bigger dick... um... I mean resume, Devin TH's that the others underestimate her experience as Editor of the prestigious NYU fashion publication. Honey, "The Three 'C's" beg to differ. I will never let Devin live that steaming pile of editorial caca down. Back to the argument, Megan wonders where William gets his cockiness. And well she should, given his first-impression outfit. She appraises his editorial portfolio from his two years at Stuff magazine and concludes that he is "just... odd." I feel an uncomfortable tingling in my heart from not hating Megan. I'm sure it will pass.

The next morning, Brett Ramey beckons peasants to cower in the hoity-toity greatness of Henri Bendel's department store. Once there, Brett gives them 30 minutes and $1,000 to buy a day-to-night outfit for Anne's last-minute Hamptons trip. It's another case in which they are arbitrarily expected to know what Anne loves or loathes. Bring on the pain!

Danielle calls on her personal shopping experience to create a simple look. Dyshaun rocks some bangles. Johanna opts for sophisticated and muted -- also wise, given Anne's predilection for khaki and black. Lots of price tags reveal that $1,000 at Bendel's equals about $100 anywhere else. Everyone flails around for a while, and Megan reiterates that she should win on account of her brilliance and superior knowledge. Okay, the tingling has passed. Whew! In the end, Devin manages to rack up $3,000 in goods. Even Kate is all, "Look at the prices, jackass." She did not add, "I hate metallics and bubble tea!" But you know she was thinking it.

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