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Previously: A challenge requiring the minions to know about fashion put the screws to several underlings, Johanna in particular. Danielle accused everyone of hating themselves, then got the boot for her "lack of creative input." Uh huh. Whatever you say, Slowey. And Kate continued making "instinct"-driven inroads at panel. Could she really win this thing? If it makes the grocery industry one Dyshaun the richer, so be it.

The minions return to the loft after Danielle's elimination, and -- surprise, surprise -- Johanna thinks Kate should have gone home. They're going to have to invent a new cliché for "broken record" after this show. We flash back to Anne reminding Johanna that her leadership has sucked royally for the past three challenges. Johanna mistakenly believed she would be rewarded for taking on a difficult person like Kate. After this statement, she must expel a bitter chuckle while noting that her plan backfired and Kate got all the credit.

Johanna grills Kate later in the kitchen. Johanna admits that Kate is competition for surviving this long, but she questions her motivation. Johanna feebly returns to that well-worn line of attack: Kate dresses like a slut. She cites how Anne, Brett, and Malina dress, but Kate claims that what matters more is what spills out of her brain onto the page -- as opposed to, say, what spills out of her uber-tight bodice onto Joe Zee's chest. Kate TH's that she will get the job as herself, not like a hybrid of all The Royal Tenenbaums, which is kind of the look Johanna's sporting right now.

Later, the minions babble at each other in the dining room, alternately blasé and bitchy. And Dyshaun talks about leadership. Scene.

The lowlies report to ELLE downtown and strap themselves to their respective whipping posts. For today's assistant task, they will prepare a hotel suite for international supermodel Maggie Rizer. Brett enlightens them about specific items stars demand for their dressing rooms and hotels, including, but not limited to, Slim Fast or 48 bottles of whiskey. She hands them Rizer's rider and says they have two hours and $300 to make it work! All Megan can do is groan.

Among Maggie's detailed requests: framed pictures of her dogs, a hand-cleaned sink, scented candles, chocolates by her bed, and, jokes Ashlie, pressed flowers arranged with a TV remote inside them. At least I think she's joking... The underlings all head to Balducci's, and Kate awesomely startles Johanna by chipperly chirping in her ear in the cheese line. Johanna continues to lose any likeability by acting about four kinds of snotty to Kate. Unperturbed, Kate approaches one of the store's employees, and he asks her if she's working on a school project. Ha! He totally thinks she's in high school -- middle school even. Dyshaun plans to consider quality over quantity. Kate continues scampering about town. It seems like she thinks speed is an important element in this challenge, which it clearly isn't. She is seriously running around like a screw popped loose. Bitch looks crazy! But she does get everything on the list.

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