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Bungle, Oh Wait!

Previously: Do I need to tell you how everyone feels about Kate? It rhymes with "hate" -- oh wait, it is hate. Also, no amount of experience could make up for the bad first impression that Li'l Miss "Three 'C's" and Williamsburg Bill made. On whom will we target our ire this week? Yeah, probably still Megan and Kate.

Rather than the usual post-mortem at ELLE downtown, this week we open at the loft. Guess no one really cares about William and Devin. Megan does care, however, about how Kate shanked her during panel. We flash back to Kate telling Anne and her henchmen that Megan had no input in last week's editorial challenge. The peons sit around the table and shit-talk Kate, as usual. Really, though. Do they do anything else? Don't they get bored? Dyshaun wonders whether the judges see that Kate employs the same battle tactic every week. The answer, Dyshaun, is Yes, yes they do. And it's precisely why Kate is still around. Regardless of Anne's "instincts" jibber-jabber.

Johanna TH's that she is losing her patience with the fighting... because she quit a really well paying job as a Chinese linguist. She vows to rise above it and win the competition. Meanwhile, Danielle telephones her super-supportive mom, who's in the habit of saying "You go, girl!" Love it! Danielle is astounded that she's still here and knows that winning would completely change her life.

The next morning, Malina tells the underlings that Anne and Joe Zee are hosting a party at "one of New York's hottest spots" (if we are in the year 2003) Bungalow 8. For today's assistant challenge, the minions will pair up to purchase a thank-you gift for Anne to give to B8 owner, Amy Sacco. Danielle immediately calls dibs on Ashlie, who seems excited to work with her despite Danielle's lack of industry experience. Johanna and Megan team up, leaving Dyshaun with Kate. Ha. Malina gives the teams $250 and one hour to work their gifting magic.

Dyshaun and Kate scour a vintage jewelry store. Surprise! They don't agree. Megan and Johanna, who pride themselves on their ELLE sensibility, choose a cappuccino-colored cashmere travel throw for the worldly Ms. Sacco. Ashlie and Danielle hedge their bets by throwing a whole lot of shit in a bag, though they claim they, too, are playing on the idea of Amy as a world traveler and are putting together a travel survival kit. Danielle thinks her retail experience will be a boon in this task. Then again, she's the same person who chooses an item called "No Cooties," so we'll see... Kate and Dyshaun struggle along until they agree on a vintage Chanel brooch.

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