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Fashion for Dummies

Previously: Eleven fashionistas learned the crucial fact that Anne Slowey does not like to mix melon with any other fruit, and they got H&M makeovers, wherein Kate had to be taught not to pick tata-tastic clothing. We learned that Megan and Dyshaun are hateriffic bitches. Kate threw her team under the bus -- though the narrator deems it "going with her instincts" -- but they won anyway. The Fates did not smile Arnaldo, though. His bland (yet sexy) working wardrobe was deemed "too safe." I guess that's this show's equivalent of "resting on pretty."

We return to ELLE downtown just after Arnaldo has left. The underlings are still reeling over the first cut. Even heartless Megan is crying. She thinks Kate should have gone home for selling her team out, and thus decides to take Kate head-on. Kate remains cools as Megan yells that she's a bitch who never should have been in the competition in the first place. We flashback to Kate talking about how everyone is trying to change her cleavage-centric style. Kate interviews, like a true lawyer, that everything she said was (technically) true. Dyshaun jumps to Megan's side and warns Kate that everyone hates her, so she better watch out for frozen underpants and Nair in her shampoo. Or something.

Back at the loft, several minions sit around and talk shit about Kate. CK1 Cologne calls a house meeting and finds Kate crying in the bathroom. CK1 sympathizes and tells Kate not to let that crazy bitch Megan get to her because everyone hates Megan. Kate inadvertently admits that her housemates have changed her -- but not as they intended. They've made her a hater, too.

At the meeting, Kate accuses Megan of pulling people down to her level. Megan turns it around, as manipulators do, to make Kate feel worse for letting Megan bring her down. Megan TH's that she has eliminated Kate in her own head. Ashlie TH's that Megan's M.O. is to be malicious and that she doesn't trust her. Everyone sits around looking uncomfortable and befuddled.

The next morning, Danielle and Jason chat about the in-house strife. Jason says you can't make people like each other and TH's that he refuses to focus on the drama because it distracts him from winning.

The minions file into the ELLE offices, where they are presented with 10 mannequins and 10 copies of The Fashion Dictionary. Brett Ramey, the magazine's photo editor, directs them toward ELLE's fashion closet. Cue fashion porn. In this closet lives every shoe, bag, or garment you could ever want.

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