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The next day at the party, the editrix asked them to help her identify and converse with various fashion world luminaries, including world-renowned fashion photographer Nigel Barker. The two teams alternately soared (Megan's) and crashed (Johanna's). Megan's team's hands-down victory was all for naught, though, because Dyshaun screwed the pooch by misspelling a designer's name on the trend page they designed featuring the party VIPs. Despite that mishap, they still won (or, perhaps more accurately, didn't lose) the tasks, but only because they were saved by the fact that the other team was stupid enough to completely misidentify a guest. Because Danielle didn't take enough ownership in the task, Anne broke it to the zaftig personal shopper that, like every single item in the ELLE closet, she was just "not the right fit."

Now four unparalleled assbags and Johanna remain. Who will be the next Stylista? I find myself in much the same dilemma I faced the year Chris Daughtry got the shaft on American Idol, and the field narrowed to Katharine "Somewheeeeeeeeeeeh Over the--zzzzzzzzzzzzz..." McPhee and Taylor "I May Be Slightly Slow" Hicks. Well, we all know who won that year... So, in the that spirit, I'm going to embrace the absurd and put all my weight behind Kate -- if only to see Dyshaun bagging groceries for the rest of his snark-filled days.

Next week: The exact same preview as last week.

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