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Which brings us to last week's episode. In a never-before-seen clip, Kate skulks away from the other five competitors to avoid hearing their insults. Though, I must say, if someone compared me to a "beat-down Chihuahua," as Dyshaun does to Kate, I would probably want to hear it. I'm not sure I can fault anyone who goes to such lengths to express his disdain. (Except maybe Michael Kors.) Kate shouts across the room that the others base all their conversations on her, and it's making her sick. In turn, Megan TH's that Kate is a monster. Meanwhile, Kate's attempt to separate herself is truly pathetic. I might even say that she wants to hear them, maybe even gets a perverse pleasure from the attention, albeit negative. Seriously, though, she's about 10 yards away, and the office is entirely empty, so there's no way she wouldn't hear what the others say without leaving the room... Not the brightest crayon in the box, that one.

After the storm dies down, the minions pair up and embark on this week's assistant task: Purchase a thank-you gift for nightclub owner Amy Sacco to thank her for allowing ELLE to host a party at Bungalow 8. Yes, this would be the task in which Danielle and Ashlie think it's prudent to give a high-powered nightlife impresario "No Cooties," along with a craptastic assortment of other questionably tasteful travel items. Though Anne isn't really happy with any of the choices, she gives the win to Megan and Johanna for their cashmere travel throw. They learned that this win designated them as captains for rival teams, prompting Johanna to make some truly dubious choices as to her teammates.

Before sending them off to study names, faces, and relevant facts about the VIP party guests, Anne gave them all free reign over the ELLE closet. Danielle was exactly as tormented by this shopportunity as you would expect a plus-sized woman at a sample sale to be. While others picked out glam outfits, Danielle went home empty-handed. Prior to the party, Dyshaun and Megan shared a previously unaired late-night conversation filled with queeny jibes at Danielle. She, of course, can hear their biting remarks and decides to take the high road, by which I mean she corners Ashlie in the bathroom and whispers snaky comments about the other two! Oh, Danielle.

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