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The next day, the underlings were told to put together a day-to-night ensemble for Anne's last-minute trip to the Hamptons. Devin way overshot her budget but did some savvy editing and was declared the winner. She embraced the trend of bald-faced strategery when she picked teams and ended up sticking Danielle with the Tussle Triumvirate: Kate, Megan, and Ashlie. Ashlie and Megan immediately made it clear to Kate that she would be nothing more than a Blahnick-induced blister on the heel of their team. Consequently, Kate vowed to fight her teammates' ideas every step of the way, then walked off to "go do work." I think by "work" she means scribble "Mrs. Kate Efron," "Katherine Efron," and "Zac <3s Katie" about a million times in a pink, fuzzy notebook.

Later that night, Devin's manicure session was interrupted by Kate vs. The World. Even Danielle got riled up at Kate's dismissive view of retail experience, all the while William poured himself a tall glass of wine and reveled in the cat fighting. Dyshaun seemed amused by the idiotic blow-up, too, until he decided to chime in. In the brand new clip, he vows to retire from fashion and become a grocery store employee if Kate wins. "I've been over you since I first met you," he sighs.

The next day, the teams headed to Brooklyn for their editorial challenge, which involved styling a photo shoot for the opening page to a fashion spread around a Tory Burch frock. New footages reveals how, on the way there, Johanna concocted the highly symbolic and obscurely intellectual, yet entirely underdeveloped (we're talking first year of film school here, people) idea to place mannequins all around the model to represent soulless, brainless socialites. Devin asks what will be their Plan B. Silence fills the car.

Hours later, the teams had finished begun shooting. Team Drama underwent so much strife that Megan walked off (seeming to avoid murdering Kate on film). Later Kate used her absence to discredit Megan during panel. Nonetheless, the other team's mannequin theme was deemed too baffling, so two losers were pulled from Team Harmony this week: Devin, who was embarrassingly prone to junior high yearbook layouts and William, who proved that first impressions can't always be overcome with experience or talent.

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