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Another brand new sequence shows Kate quickly thereafter rubbing everyone the wrong way by sanctimoniously telling them that she and Anne are like peas in a pod. (Speaking of big round objects jammed in tight spaces, holy crap her boobs are really on display tonight! Like, I think they might jump out of screen and slap me in the face.) Kate describes Anne as "really happy and positive and funny and, like, outgoing and smiley." Methinks her mannequin wasn't the only one who got dressed on crack this morning. Somehow they get on the topic that Kate is an exceptionally bouncy (pun intended) and -- let's just say it -- ditzy, 22-year-old. Kate insists she'll grow up by the time she gets to Anne's age, but Johanna notes that she doesn't know many 22-year-olds like Kate, a.k.a. bubble-headed prats. Kate counters that she doesn't know many 28-year-olds like Johanna. What? Put-together and understated? Yeah, it probably takes a little longer for the girls at Gamma Delta Ho to really hit their stride... At this point, Kate has flushed all of her impersonation-earned goodwill down the toilet. She and Johanna go at it, and Johanna concludes that Kate has a weak character. Conversely, Kate thinks Johanna needs to lighten up. Did I mention that, during this whole altercation, Kate is sauntering around the house exposing, then covering up various patches of skin (with tee-tahs on full display) like she's starting a new workout trend called Burlesque Bickering. Oh, Kate.

The next day, the teams scoured Chinatown for "Hidden Gems". According to Narr-Anne-tor, "The stress of the competition got under Jason's skin" -- like, rash-level under his skin. He had a full-on panic attack. On the second challenge. And if that weren't enough to send the hyperventilating crybaby packing, his only contribution to the challenge were some shiteous pictures. Oh, go cry in a corner, Jason. Except you already did that. After Jason's timely exit, we get a bonus clip of Danielle, CK1, and Kate "mourning his departure" as they read individual letters he wrote to them on the occasion of his dismissal. CK1 coos over Jason's extraordinary talent -- none of which we ever got to see.

The next morning, the Stylistas met their most Devilish boss yet -- Anne's homely niece Erin, for whom they were assigned to plan a "faaaaaaaabulous" FAO Schwarz birthday party. Off they went, returning after three hours with hideous balloon animals (Megan), some weird voice-throwing guy (Johanna), and bagpipers (Kate!). Interestingly, there is no mention of Ashlie's awesomely off-base idea of serving the young girls mocktinis. I say it's never too young to teach the littl'uns the virtues of trend-induced alcoholism. Ultimately, Johanna's clever fashion show party theme couldn't be undone by her poor selection in entertainment, and she won the right to pick teams.

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