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For some reason, Arnaldo's dismissal sent shockwaves through the bull pen, prompting everyone to wail about Kate. When the contestants returned to the loft, CK1 comforted a weak and weeping Kate, and decided that everyone needed to talk things out. Megan incisively called Kate a serial victim, but things ultimately were worsened more than resolved.

The next day, Anne tested the minions' knowledge of fashion terms by telling them to dress mannequins in garments with specific constructions. On the way to learning the different between a dart and a pleat, we also discovered that most of the minions are ignorant louts. Most notably Kate, whose mannequin, according to Anne, looked "like it got dressed on crack." Megan and Ashlie, on the other hand, showed their expertise, with Anne giving a slight edge (and the power of team selection) to Megan. Megan strategically stuck her fiercest competitor, Ashlie, on airhead Kate and inexperienced Devin's team to bring Ashlie down. Everyone saw through this ploy.

Later that night, they continued miring themselves in hatred and infighting instead of being effing grown-ups and, I don't know, reading a book or learning Chinese from Johanna or something. We see a hilarious new clip in which Megan compares Ashlie to the Energizer Bunny because she won't shut her damn trap, complete with a series of top-notch Diva moments from Ashlie. Most ridiculously, though, and Ashlie was shocked (shocked!) at Megan's allegation that Ashlie is a Diva. So she fights fire with Hell fire and called Megan a whole slew of Devil and Devil spawn-related monikers.

After that, some unseen footage shows everyone sitting around laughing at Kate's Anne Slowey impression. She musters up all the haughtiness in her teeny-tiny, huge-knockered body to nail it, actually. Dyshaun notes that, though he wouldn't have risked his head (lest Anne bid Joe Zee to fashion Dyshaun's Burberry scarf into a noose in the middle of the night), it was the first time that Kate revealed a little more personality than cleavage. Kate, a new millennial Arsenio Hall if there ever was one, says she loves doing impressions and thinks it bonded her to the others. Which she immediately undercuts by shooting back, "Oh, what, now you like me?" when one of them compliments her.

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