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Elsewhere, Arnaldo -- remember him? Yeah, me neither... -- decides to quell the infighting with poetry. The lines of this new-to-us verbal slow jam include, but are not limited to, "Hologram out of my dreams/ Drink solid liquid/ Become free." Everyone stifles laughter. Dyshaun leads a round of applause that is at once bitchy and desperate to preclude any further nonsensical juxtapositions. Arnaldo explains that he has a gift with which he must feed the people. Baloney, I suspect.

The next morning, it's another new sequence, this time involving William's mind-blowing transformation from circus freak to Dilbert.

And so the editorial challenge began with a makeover shopping spree, courtesy of H&M. Kate's team desperately tried to get her to lock and load The Girls, but she complained that the outfits looked like something she wore when she was nine years old. If that's the case, then she really was a hoochie from way back. As everyone primped for their "Office Chic" runway show back at the loft, Kate grew disgruntled and tearful at her teammates' no longer allowing her to wear the wardrobe of a low-rent political escort.

The teams headed to the ELLE downtown offices for the fashion show. Everyone (besides Kate) sashayed and shantéed in their new walking-commercial work duds. Later, the teams each put together a "Contributor" page based on photos of themselves at the fashion show. They were surprisingly harmonious because they didn't yet know their infinite suckitude or what verbal missiles were destined to fly at them come morning.

The teams presented their pages. Arnaldo was indicted for committing the most heinous reality show crime possible: Being boring. Meanwhile, Kate and William's team won a Special Olympics award for being slightly less useless than they were just 48 hours before! Despite her team's success, Kate unleashed the first of many smack downs, wherein she ratted everyone out for trying to help her not look like an extra from Slutty Sexertaries XI. Needless to say, Kate earned no friends with this unwarranted treachery. Despite Kate's treachery, it was Arnaldo who committed the cardinal sin of playing it safe and who was jettisoned that fourth-rate poetry slam in the sky.

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