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Tara's Fresh Batch of Bad Decisions
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So! Who's still feeling a little worn out after Clay's death? Anyone? Because Jax looks a little tired. This episode begins with Jax and Patterson meeting at a park gazebo, their respective goon squads a safe distance away. Jax is sounding rather un-sorry as he says, "I'm sorry you lost a man. Anything that gets in the way of the Irish is collateral damage." Patterson calls Jax on his BS, and while she doesn't have evidence to place him on the scene (… yet), she knows his crew knew about the transport: "That's what that wild gun chase was about -- to divert my manpower." Jax defends that move with, "And without that diversion, you'd have had a lot more dead sheriffs."

Oddly, Patterson does not see this as the generous move Jax so obviously thinks it is. She is also not buying the mutual-homicide theory behind Clay and Galen's deaths: "Why take such a huge risk just to kill each other?" "Um, because most of the people I float stories at are either stone stupid or they're juuuuust emotionally damaged enough to want to believe I'm telling the truth when I stare intently and talk in a serious tone?" Jax does not ask. But you can tell he's thinking it, mostly because he's practically rolling his eyes as he lays the groundwork again with the repeated conviction that 20 years of business can lead to a lot of built-up resentment.

"My guess is whatever deal they had set up went bad," Jax says, and Patterson smirks, "There's a lot of that going around." Jax puts on his extra-sincere face and says, "I know it's not the way that you wanted it, but from what I've seen on the news, I've delivered everything I promised -- KG-9s, IRA supplier, local gun dealer." Then Jax sanctimoniously adds, "I held up my half of the deal." Patterson replies, "You're a very smart man, Mr. Teller. I can see how you've risen to your rank." In the first moment of actual sincerity we've seen -- and in what is also a nice callout to the original Hamlet -- Jax says quietly, "Unfortunately, I inherited it."

Patterson's not terribly sympathetic for Jax's ambivalence toward the family trade: "We all have a destiny… [my office has to] finish the investigation. Then I'll decide if you've kept your end of the deal."

Back at the cabin, Tara's making sure Bobby Elvis is resting comfortably. Juice has brought her coffee and while his manner isn't as overtly hostile as it was on the day he was her tail, it's not like he's going out of his way to be a sweetheart. Tara's not going to waste time brooding about that, however: Patterson's recovered from her meeting with Mrs. Teller by calling the missus and saying she's secured a deal with ATF, and perhaps Tara can get away from her homicidal security detail to talk about it? Tara says she'll call when she can.

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