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In Which Clay and Jax Get Very Cranky
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Another episode, another opening that begins in the morning. This time, Jax is scribbling intently in his journal when Tara comes over and greets him. Naturally, the children are still asleep, as they are TV children and therefore never wake up at the crack of dawn unless it's required for plot-related purposes. Although Jax is hesitant to talk about what he's writing, Tara is tickled: "My badass biker is journaling?" Jax is all, "Gotta go!" Tara asks if Jax is really heading out for a bike show, and he confirms her worst suspicions by asking, "You really want to know?" Tara decides it's too early to stress over whatever idiot scheme the father of her children is about to undertake.

Across town, Gemma is gardening in her greenhouse, glaring with disapproval at a lily that has dared to wilt in a sunny southern window. I'm no master gardener, but I'm thinking that even plants don't do well with secondhand smoke. In fact, given what cigarettes are made of, it might actually be detrimental to them: "She's burning leaves! I could be next! WHAT KIND OF A MONSTER IS SHE?" Not even Clay can jostle her out of her bad mood.

Meanwhile, the boys are busy in Satan's workshop, packing the guns in their conspicuously-labeled "HEAVY AUTO PARTS" crates and loading them into a truck.

While all this is going on, a Spanish-language version of "The Times They Are a-Changin''" is playing, which is a stroke of genius.

Gemma injects Clay with cortisone in their greenhouse/solarium/sunroom. We see the truck leaving the property. Gemma kisses Clay's knuckles right as he gets on his bike, and he exposits as to why we'll see neither Opie nor Kozik this episode (shockingly, the reason is not "Because we have something like thirteen very talented regular actors on this show and it's hard to get them all screen time"), but Gemma's all, "Whatever. I'm not happy about this whole guns-and-coke thing but you've made it clear how welcome my opinion is." Only she has it all with sullen one-word answers to Clay's chit-chat.

The boys pull out and launch into their partnership as gun-and-coke-runners. We zip to the garage, where Chuckie is happily waving goodbye. Piney is standing next to him, and turns to give Chuckie a look of incredulous disdain.

Drive, drive, drive, ride, ride, ride. We get a shot of Jax injecting Clay's knuckles with cortisone, then we keep on driving, driving, driving, riding, riding, riding. The boys hit a truck stop in Arizona after dark. Clay's hands shake as he unwinds his fingers from the handlebars, and then there is a lot of handshaking and hugging as the local chapter of Sons of Anarchy greets the travelers. The chapter president, Armando, is all hugs; the VP, Huff, has a macho handshake-off with Clay.

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