Sons of Anarchy

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Guns, Gemma and Deals
us." Stahl replies, "Terrorists don't get phone calls." No, they don't.

Jax makes his closing pitch: "This is a simple trade: I deliver Jimmy and the sworn statement, you sign off on the gun charges and my mom. I'm the one who's gotta deliver. You got nothing to lose. It's you and me -- we're all we got, June." Stahl nods. They've got a deal. Let's see how long before Stahl tries to yank this one off the table -- and what happens when she tries.

sobell, AKA Lisa Schmeiser, is a San Franciso Bay-area business and technology reporter and blogger. She also tweets at lschmeiser, and is now wondering what she'll make fun of now that Jax has shown himself to be such a canny strategist..

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Sons of Anarchy




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